Silent Assassin Productions Presents the NYC 8-Ball Championships

Tony & Gail Robles are proud to announce the launch of one of the newest companies in competitive pool, Silent Assassin Productions, Inc. (SAP). Based in New York, NY, SAP will be producing a variety of pool tournaments, including its first official event, the NYC 8-Ball Championships. The inaugural event will take place at Steinway Billiards in Astoria, NY this coming weekend June 6-8, 2014.
It's NYC's first ever BCAPL Regional Event and we are proud to offer 6 NYC Titles up for grabs. And the great part, there's a division for every level of player and you'll only play people similar in handicap to you! We also plan on running the NYC 9-Ball, 10-Ball and 14.1 Championships in the future!
Livestreaming: This event will be live-streamed by AZBtv and co-produced by NYC Grind! Wanna watch the live-stream, click here!  Play starts Friday at 6pm. AZBtv has been on the scene for many of our events including the Ginky Memorial, Gotham City Billiards, Cue Bar, Raxx Pool Room, Mr. Cue Billiards and other rooms that host the Predator Pro/Am Tour.
There are still spots available but they are going quickly!  For a list of tournaments and who's signed up, click here!
Entry Fees: All amateur events are $100 to enter.  Our Grand Masters event is $150. 
3-Day Event: The event will now take place Friday evening, June 6th through Sunday the 8th.  
Men's Advanced starts Friday at 6pm.
Men's Open starts Friday at 8pm.
Men's & Women's Leisure start Saturday at 9am.
Men's Masters starts Saturday at 11am
Grand Masters starts Sunday at 11am.
Women's Open & Masters were cancelled.
Green Fees: $25 green fee which is already included in the entry above.
Not a BCAPL member?  Ok. You can still play. There is an additional $25 BCAPL member fee to pay in addition to the $100 entry fee if you are not a current BCAPL member.  This does not apply to Grand Masters.
Smaller Fields: We have lowered the number of entries in most of the divisions. This means an even bigger chance of becoming an NYC Champion so sign up now before spots fill up!
What are the Payouts? Payouts are subject to how many players we get in each division but the full entry fee less green fees will be added to each divisions payout.  We have a confirmed $2,000 being added to the event and each division will get a portion of this added money!
This is a great way to warm-up for the BCAPL National Championships!
The 1st Annual NYC 8-Ball Championships will feature six NYC titles: 
Men's Leisure
Women's Leisure
Men's Open
Men's Advanced
Men's Masters 
Men's Grandmasters 
For information on which division you'd be qualified for, please visit our website's events page for events information.  EVENTS PAGE
Joining Tony & Gail, the NYC 8-Ball Championships will feature one of New York's hardest-working people in pool on its team: referee John Leyman (BCAPL National Referee & Amsterdam Billiards League director.)
Silent Assassin Productions is expecting well over 100 players, and strongly recommend all players sign up as soon as possible on the championship's newly-launched site, as all events are limited to a specific number of players. 
To confirm your qualification, please contact Tony & Gail Robles at before signing up.
For more information, please visit
Additional Information:
This is the first NYC Pool Championships, brought to you by Silent Assassin Productions, Inc. This BCAPL regional event is a singles only tournament and offers competition for every level of play from beginner to professional. SAP will also offer tournaments in 9-Ball, 10-Ball and 14.1 in the future so stay tuned!
Predator Cues, CSI, Steinway Billiards, NYC Grind, Delta-13 Racks, The National Amateur Pool League, Gotham City Technologies, AZ Billiards and Billiards Digest are the official sponsors of the NYC 8-Ball Championships.
Special thanks to Gail Robles & Ron Mason of Gotham City Technologies who put in an enormous amount of work in designing and creating the NYC 8-Ball Championships website. 
Looking forward to seeing everyone at this historic event!