Singapore’s Suspension By Asian Body Lifted

Singaporean cue sport association has repaired its relationship with the Asian Confederation of Billiard Sports (ACBS) after a yearlong dispute and a ban. This has happened as a result of an amicable resolution that was reached after a meeting between the two parties.

The resolution comes as a great relief to anyone following it and the sport in general. Singapore is home to some of the best players in the game, and no one wanted the players and the fans to suffer from the problems that have accumulated over the years.

What Happened?

The Singapore organization hosted a World Billiards Championship and Singapore English Billiards Open in 2020. Both were organized without the approval of the Asian or World organizations, and it led to the suspension starting in 2023. It was a difficult decision since it affected many Singaporean players, some of whom are among the best in the world.

Ever since the two associations have been looking for ways to fix the issue in a way that would protect the Singaporean players and create clear rules as to how and by whom pool tournaments can be organized.

The Effects

The ban also meant several Singapore players, including former world No. 1 Aloysius Yapp, were barred from competing in 2023 tournaments such as the Aug 28-Sept 2 Formosa Cup ACBS Asian Pool Championships and the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA)-sanctioned Maldives Open in April.

It affected the results of these tournaments and fans all over the world. The most popular sites offering crash games, and a chance to place BTC or other crypto wagers on these events have also been affected since they needed to change the odds now when some of the favorites weren’t able to attend.

The Resolution

Cuesports Singapore president Christopher Chuah and vice presidents Ivan Lim and Paul Pang reached an “amicable solution” with ACBS after meeting its officials in Jakarta.

Chuah told The Straits Times: “Both parties proceeded on the basis that we misunderstood the requirements for holding the tournaments.”

“ACBS understood that the decision to host the World Billiards Championship was made by the former board of Cuesports Singapore, with the current board taking over only from July 2023.

The Singaporean organization also stated that it would refrain from organizing any future tournaments without proper authorization. They also said that it will continue to work for the good of the sport.

Both parties agreed that the resolution came at the right time before there were further consequences and the loss of National Sports Association (NSA) status for the Singaporean organization.

Chuah said: “If we had got suspended again or expelled, we could be in serious problems given the potential loss of our standing as an NSA by SNOC. We are relieved and grateful this issue has been resolved.

ACBS came out with a formal statement on their website as well, and it reads:

“We now leave the past behind and move forward to support Cuesports Singapore in their future development in the region.”

Individual Players

Individual players from Singapore are, however, still a part of an ongoing dispute between different governing bodies. The WPA, the international governing body for pool, and event promoter Matchroom Multi Sport Limited are disputing Matchroom’s decision to promote an unlicensed event.

The players from Singapore are, therefore, given a choice between WPA and Matchroom events. Some hope that with the resolution of the dispute between the SNOC and ACBS, a similar arrangement could be made regarding this issue as well. The most famous Singaporean player is certainly Aloysius Yapp, who won a bronze medal at the 2022 World Games in Birmingham, Alabama, for nine-ball.

Ronnie O’Sullivan’s visit to Singapore

An interesting part of the whole dispute happened in 2022 as well, when the snooker legend Ronnie O’Sullivan visited Singapore and its snooker academy. O’Sullivan is known for supporting training facilities for snooker players and his fondness for many talented Singaporean snooker players.

However, given his status in the world of snooker, O’Sullivan being the most skilled player the game has ever had, it was, in a way, an acknowledgment of the Singaporean role in the sport.

Changes in the Asian Confederation of Billiard Sports (ACBS)

The news of this resolution comes after the new governing body of ACBS. Mohammed Salem Al Nuaim was elected for a new term as the President of the Asian Confederation of Billiard Sports for a third term until 2027. At the same time, Mubarak Al Khayarin will be heading the International Snooker Federation.

Among its many goals, the ACBS has stated that the new administration will work on organizing a World Championship in Qatar to promote the sport further and provide mainstream attention to it, with the final goal of making the pool an Olympic sport.

Other Controversies

The issues with Singapore and the World Associations are happening in the context of another, more public controversy. This has cast a bit of a shadow on the sport, which is otherwise more popular than ever, with some amazing players in the last couple of generations.

Two professional Chinese snooker players have been banned for life, and eight others have been suspended after being found guilty of match-fixing and other charges, the sport’s governing body has announced.

Players Banned for Match- Fixing

Snooker is traditionally a British sport, but it’s recently gaining traction in Asia. Many amazing players have come up out of this renewed interest.

Liang Wenbo and Li Hang were handed lifetime bans for their breaches of conduct regulations. There are eight other players involved in the scandal. Their sanctions are less strict but still significant.

This includes Zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao – considered among snooker’s brightest talents – who have been banned for one year, eight months, and five years, respectively.

Lu Ning, Zhao Jianbo, Chang Bingyu, Bai Langning, Chen Zifan, and Zhang Jiangkang were also banned. Their ban will last between two and eight years. These players admitted their part in the fixing, and that’s why the ban was less strict.

“It has been heart-breaking to see some young, talented player fall foul of the WPBSA Conduct Regulations through pressure exerted by two senior players. This behavior has been recognized as wholly unacceptable by the imposition of two lifetime bans from participating in recognized snooker in any way.”

“Those who try to corrupt the sport are constantly trying to find new ways to avoid our monitoring process, and this outcome must be taken as a lesson for those who think they can avoid detection. If any player is involved in fixing a snooker match, they will be caught and will face severe penalties,” WPBSA’s chairman Jason Ferguson said in a statement.


The Singaporean National cuesport Association has been in a dispute with the Asian one for over a year now. It was suspended because it organized a tournament without proper authorization from the sports authority. This dispute is now finished, and the two sides have found a way to agree on future steps. The decision to hold the tournament will still affect individual players.

Cuesports are becoming increasingly popular in Asia, and Singaporean players, in particular, are among the best in the world.