Six Arrows/Northern Lights Casino Event Showing Strong

The Northern Lights Casino ( in Walker, Minnesota, hosted a $8500 added Six Arrows promoted multi-division event this past weekend, October 17th-19th.  The turnout was fantastic as you will see below.  A huge thanks from the Six Arrows Pool Tournament Coordinators and staff, Linda, Joe, Floreen, and Beverly; and a special thank you to Steve Schoenfelder of Schuler Legacy Cue Sales and Service.  For more information, visit, email Linda Johnston/Joe Thomas at, or call (218) 335-7665.  Currently scheduled upcoming events include:


November 21st-23rd, Fortune Bay Casino in Tower, MN


March 6th-8th, Fortune Bay Casino in Tower, MN
April 3rd-5th, Grand Portage Casino, Grand Portage, MN
May 1st-3rd, Northern Lights Casino, Walker, MN

The results for the numerous divisions were as follows:

Men's Open  (128 players):

1st Mike Singer $1400
2nd Jody Helmin $900

*Note: 1st/2nd place split the prize money (Helmin held the hot-seat, but Singer defeated him in the first set of the final round – at that point, they decided to split by a coin flip for the eventual payout)

3rd Ross Krmpotich $600
4th Dave Mullen $460
5th/6th Bruce Carrier/Dave Strachen $300
7th/8th Jesse Engel/Bob Larson $200
9th-12th Mark Finken/Chad Folken/Tim Krug/Konrad Tellinghuisen $160
13th-16th Jared Bailey/Dan Fisher/Ken Hilliard/Dan Herman $120
17th-24th Ron Sully/Vince Simon/Jason Blanski/Mike Decelles/Steve Baker/Bruno Nadeau/Bill Frisby/Jim Andres $80
25th-32nd Jamie Bartlett/Jeremy Wheelock/Tom Budik/Danton Tibbetts/Greg Hyttinen/Mike Garnett/Rich Ciponi/Chris Messer $40

Men's Masters (31 players):

1st Vince Chambers $1200
2nd Felix Beardy $800
3rd Jeff Clare $600
4th Mike Frechette $380
5th/6th Mike Fieldhammer/John Traverse $200
7th/8th Josh Burbul/Rod Carl $100

Rising Stars (32 players):

1st Lori Nelson $680
2nd Julie Brunelle $400
3rd Sue Roberts $300
4th Shawn Helmin $200
5th/6th Rose Mackenzie/Gail Seagris $100
7th/8th Joanne Cheechoo/April Kasstan $40

Stars of the North (16 players):

1st Jessica Frideres $1000
2nd Jeri Bouvette $600
3rd Beth Fondell $400
4th Carol Graham $300

$200 Cash Winners:

James Henry
Eric Hyttenin
Mike Frechette
Jason Blanski
Rene Aggamaway