Slyer Ochoa wins 1st at The 2015 Viking Tour

The Fourth event of The 2015 Viking Tour, Presented by Bogies West Billiards in Houston Texas, was held on June 13th. Sylver Ochoa went undefeated and was crowned Champion. All events will now be 9 ball with $500.00 added. First Place is also awarded a new Viking Cue. The next event will be held July 11th.


Sylver Ochoa was awarded the first place cash prize and a New Viking Cue. Sylver defeated Darrell Taylor 7-2, David Richardson 7-1, Denis Strickland 7-5, Joey Torres 7-4 and Eric Hsu 7-1 to win the hot seat. Eric defeated Marc Garza 7-4, Sonny B 7- 1, Bob Guzik 7-5 before falling to Sylver 7-1 in the hot seat match. Eric then defeated Joey Torres 7-5 to reach the finals where Sylver was undefeated and decided the winner of the 4th stop at The 2015 Viking Tour and his First win at the 2015 Viking Tour.