Social Networking + Billiards =

The online Social Networking craze has made it's way to the billiards world with the launch of allows members to search for other pool players based on zip code as well as game preference. Members can then contact each other to, meet on a date, challenge each other to a match, offer equipment for sale etc., using the site's simple messaging functions.

Members can also search for local rooms based on zip code.

Taking a lead from, members also have the ability to post pictures and 'widgets' to their profile page. Various 'widgets' are available online to allow networking participants to post anything from photo galleries to polls and almost anything in between to their pages.

Other features planned for the site include a tournament finder, league finder, and even state specific player rankings.

"The Social Networking phenomenon has taken the internet by storm", said Billiardsspace founder Mike Howerton. "But how easy is it to find a real pool player within 10 million users on myspace? Now you can."

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