Solymosi Loses to Kremenovic

Miroslav Kremenovic (SRB) Foto: EPBF/AMM

Hungarian team's expectations were dealt a blow in the first round

Thursday, 29 September 2011: Gabor Solymosi (HUN) lost his opening match to Miroslav Kremenovic (SRB) with 5:8.

The Serbian could be regarded as the dark horse before the match, but right from the start he proved that he did not think of giving the match away to favoured Solymosi. Instead, Kremenovic took an impressive 4:1 lead over the Hungarian player. Solymosi then realized that the match was about to be taken away from him and focussed on his match more, achieving a tie situation at 4:4. It looked like Solymosi found his way to victory but Kremenovic again played the better shots. He shocked his opponent by winning another two racks, making the score 6:4 in his favour. Solymosi tried to come back but he was only able to win one more rack. Kremenovic took the match with 8:5 and deserved the victory over Solymosi.

Other notable results include Andreas Roschkowsky (GER) smashing Thomas Engert (GER) with 8:1. Nick van den Berg (NED) took the victor over Oliver Mortier (BEL), winning 8:4. One of the tightest matches was the encounter between Erki Erm (EST) and Senharip Azar (SWE). Erm won by a margin of 8:7 over his Swedish opponent and sent him to the loser's side of the tournament bracket. Germany's Benjamin Heimmerer defeated Great Britain's Scott Higgins with 8:6.

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