Sossei Claims Third Joss NE Win for 2016

Back in January, Bucky Souvanthong was defeated in the second round of the Joss Northeast Tour Stop #9 and won nine on the loss side to face Jeremy Sossei in the finals. Though Souvanthong would win the first set of a double elimination final, Sossei prevailed to chalk up that win. On the weekend of March 12-13, at the $1,500-added, Joss NE Tour Stop #12, Sossei and Souvanthong met again in the finals, and again, Souvanthong came from deep on the loss side to challenge him (seven loss-side wins this time). Sossei opted out of the two-set road to victory this time, defeating Souvanthong in a single set and chalking up his sixth victory on the 2105-2016 tour, dating back to October.


With Souvanthong once again at work on the loss side, Sossei advanced to a winners' side semifinal versus Hendrik Drost. Norm Pomainville squared off against Tom Acciavatti in the other. Sossei sent Drost packing 9-2, and in the hot seat match, faced Pomainville, who'd defeated Acciavatti 9-7. Sossei claimed the hot seat 9-7 over Pomainville and waited, once again, on Souvanthong.


It was Drost who picked up Souvanthong on the loss side. Souvanthong had chalked up loss-side wins #3 and #4 against Joe Ziegler (9-3) and Dave Varano (9-4) to reach him. Acciavatti drew Bruce Carroll, who'd gotten by John Babravitch 9-7, and Angelo Hilton 9-4 (Hilton had upset any plans Souvanthong may have been entertaining about a re-match against Dwight Dixon, who'd sent him to the loss side, by defeating Dixon 9-4).  Souvanthong eliminated Drost 9-3 and in the quarterfinals, faced Carroll, who'd downed Acciavatti 9-4.


Souvanthong defeated Carroll in the quarterfinals 9-7, and then eliminated Pomainville in the semifinals 9-6. With visions of the last time in his head, Souvanthong chalked up for the first set of the double elimination final. Sossei took control early and often, defeating Souvanthong 9-2 in the only set necessary.


John Babravich, who finished in the tie for ninth place in the main event, won the $500-added Second Chance tournament that drew 14 entrants. He went undefeated, downing Mike Hurley in the finals. Bob Cunningham finished third, with James Chemaly finishing fourth. Doug Wells and Frank Delconte shared the tie for fifth place.


The next stop on the Joss Northeast Tour, scheduled for April 9-10, will be a $1,500-added ($500-added for Second Chance), hosted by Salt City Billiards in Syracuse, NY.


1st Jeremy Sossei $1,000

2nd Bucky Souvanthong $650

3rd Norm Pomainville $500

4th Bruce Carroll $400

5th Tom Acciavatti $250

Hendrik Drost

7th Angelo Hilton $150

Dave Varano


Second Chance

1st John Babravich $300

2nd Mike Hurley $200

3rd Bob Cunningham $120

4th James Chemaly $80

5th Doug Wells $40

Frank Delconte