Souquet Splashes Field in Cologne

Ralf Souquet

Ralf Souquet has won the 10-Ball Masters Championship at the Cologne Cue Club in Cologne, Germany. This was yet another strong field that Souquet managed to master with big names such as Oliver Ortmann, Niels Feijen, Nick Van Den Berg, Marcus Chamat, Sandor Tot, Christian Reimering and Andreas Roschkowsky all doing battle for the win.

It was none of those that Souquet faced in the finals. Ortmann fell to Souquet (10-6) in the semi-final match and it was relatively unheralded Sebastian Staab who kicked off the last lag with Souquet. Staab must not have been impressed with the Souquet resume as he kept it close and finally lost the double-hill game to fall into second place 10-9.