Souquet wins Hungary Open

Ralf Souquet

In a dominating final match, Ralf Souquet (GER) subdued Marcus Chamat (SWE) 8-2 to win the Eurotour's Hungary Open. The final match was similar to Souquet's previous matches as he was never really in danger. He played rock solid and left no doubt as to how badly he wanted to win this title. The early stage of the match was highlighted by safety play from both players. Chamat struggled from the very beginning to keep pace with “The Kaiser” as Souquet took a quick 3-0 lead over Chamat. Chamat then turned up his safety game leading to two racks in a row, making the score 3-2 for Souquet. From then on, it was only Souquet pushing the button for “win” on the scoring computer. The 10th and final rack summed up what had happened before as the players were engaged in an intensive safety battle before Chamat scratched while attempting to pocket the 2-ball. That would be Chamat's final visit to the table. Souquet took the match and the title of the Dynamic Hungary Open Euro-Tour 2011. It was Souquet’s third win this year on the Euro-Tour after Paris and Treviso and he is now leading the Euro-Tour overall rankings.

“I don’t know whether I’m on the summit of my career”, said a modest Souquet in an interview after the final match. “I am happy with my achievements these days but I am a perfectionist. I always try to improve”. “At 42 years of age, I am looking forward to a few more good years.” “This tournament, I had one match that was close. It went hill-hill. All other matches, I really dominated my opponent so I think it was ok for me to win it”.

Later this month, Ralf Souquet will be inducted into the BCA’s Hall of Fame.

Pool is far from over in Hungary though, as the Beassy 9-Ball Classic tournament will start on Monday. It is the second event of the Billiard Festival week in Eger, Hungary.

This will also feature the release of the Beassy Luxury Cues. More information on these cues will be released soon.