South East Open 9-Ball Tour awards

Tony 'The Sniper' Crosby

The South East Open 9-Ball Tour ended their 2002 season last weekend at Snookers Billiard Room in Tallahassee, FL where they presented the following awards:

Tour Points Leader:
1st Tommy Kennedy
2nd Glen Olson
3rd Tony Crosby
4th Richard Broumpton
5th David Grossman
6th Ron Park
7th Brian Butler
8th Mario Cruz

Sportsmanship Award:
Tony 'The Sniper' Crosby

Tour Points Leader (18 & under):
1st Eddie Hudak
2nd Nathan Rose

Tour Points Leader (55 & over):
1st Frank Strain
2nd Ed Keiss

Tour Points Leader (Ladies):
1st Ellen Van Buren
2nd Katie Cowan

Recognized Player Participant:
Chuck White

Recognized Most Improved Player Participant:
1st Rick Sanchez
2nd David Broxson

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe