Southern Classic Announced

DIAMOND BILLIARD PRODUCTS INC. and DIAMOND PROMOTIONS, LLC. are proud to announce the new Southern Classic pool tournament. Formatted exactly like the ever popular Derby City Classic, this new event looks to bring 9-Ball Banks, One-Pocket, and 9-Ball into an area rich in billiard tradition and ripe for a big 'ole pool tournament! 

The host venue will be the Harrah's Hotel and Casino located in Tunica, MS. The dates are July 20-28, 2012. The venue has (2) separate buildings that will hold over (120) pool tables allowing for a "Derby City Classic" like event as well as 9 days of amateur events! "This event continues DIAMOND's mission to increase pool play throughout the United States by providing tournaments and action for every level of player and is the second step towards the ultimate goal of a professional tour - Chad Scharlow".

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