Sparky Ferrell and Matt Reed Tops On Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour

Sparky Ferrell and Kelly Fisher

This past weekend of December 1st and 2nd, the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour made its way to Burrkat's Billiards in Monroe, North Carolina, which hosted a truly exciting double event ($1500 added open and $500 added amateur) with notable players such as Sparky Ferrell, Kelly Fisher, Val Finnie, and Jeff Abernathy just to name a few. The Viking Cue 9-ball Tour had a total of seventy-six players at Burrkat's.

The open division kicked off on Saturday with forty-four players and match-ups that were quite exciting featuring matches between Jeff Abernathy and Kelly Fisher, Mike Gulyassy and Sparky Ferrell just to name a few - needless to say the spectators where sitting on the edge of their seats throughout the action packed weekend.

The Pathway to the Finals was as follows:

Jeff Abernathy had a great tournament with his path beginning in the top half of the bracket drawing a bye in round one and following that up with wins over Max Terry 9-5; Charles Collins 9-5; and Chris Steele 9-3. Abernathy was sent to the one-loss side by Kelly Fisher 9-6; where he defeated Jeff Pruitt 9-5; Mike Fuller 9-8 and once again faced Kelly Fisher who rolled over Jeff to make her way to the finals 9-1.

Kelly Fisher worked her way through the top half of the bracket until she ran into Ferrell in the quarterfinals all along providing spectators an exciting weekend. In round one she faced and defeated Ken Wilson 9-4; followed by Billy Collum 9-1; David Thomas 9-3; Ian Hull 9-4; and ultimately Jeff Abernathy 9-6.

Sparky Ferrell drew a bye in round one and made his way through the bottom half of the bracket undefeated sending player after player to the one-loss side beginning with Jeff Pruitt 9-3; Mike Fuller 9-5; Mark Horne 9-5; Mke Gulyassy 9-6; and Kelly Fisher 9-5.

With Fisher's win over Abernathy, she returned to the hot seat to face Ferrell once again in the finals but was unable to make a come back as Sparky defeated her 9-7 to win the open division.

The Open Division had a total payout of $4320.00 with the new format of a $1000 guaranteed to 1st place.

The amateur division this weekend drew in thirty-two players, which included some of the crowd's favorites such as Matt Reed, Dennis Killough and Ed Killough. The amateur division paid out $1620 which included the $500 added.

Matt Reed made his trek to the finals through the top half of the bracket undefeated match after match starting with Derek Stirewalt 7-1; Dusty Norris 7-4; Mark Horne 7-4; Dennis Killough 7-3; Daniel Gambill 7-2; and facing Ed Killough in a fight to the death match that keep every one on the edge of their seats. Ed gave Matt a run for the money match after match with scores in the set of 1-0; 1-1; 2-2; 3-2; 4-3;4-4; 5-5; until Reed took the lead at 6-5 and the final game to win the set 7-5.

Ed Killough started his run in the bottom half of the bracket. Along the way, he sent to the one-loss side: Brandon Deese 7-1; Josh Johnson 7-3; until he himself was sent to over by Allen Gambill 7-2 where he had to fight to stay alive by defeating Pete Glevenyak 5-4; Mike Janis 5-4; Dennis Killough 5-2; Charles Collins 5-4; and eventually Daniel Gambill in the semi finals 5-4.

The Viking Cue 9-ball tour held the first of the Break and Run Contests this weekend. Saturday the draw was won by Norman Moody who was unable to make a run and Sunday's draw was won by Allen Gambill who scratched on the break. The prize fund which includes $1000 added by the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour will now roll over to next weekend.

The tour would like to extend a special thank you to Burrkat's owner Max Terry and his staff. Max, over the past few years, has put together a poolplayers dream by keeping the player in mind while working on its design and set up. It is apparent he wants his room to appeal to all players from professional to plain out family fun. If you are ever in North Carolina looking for a great action room, Monroe is just a few miles outside of Charlotte and we doubt you would be disappointed if you made a stop at Burrkat's. Be sure to tell them The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour sent you. We look forward to returning to Burrkat's for another awesome tournament.