Speed Pool and Trick Shot Magic in HD

Billiards International will be the first to produce events in High Definition television for ESPN. INTERNATIONAL SPEED POOL CHALLENGE October 1 and TRICK SHOT MAGIC October 2 will be produced in HD. Both of the events will be held at the ESPN Zone in Las Vegas.

The Players, the action on the table, and every sponsor product used in the events will appear on television with a clarity and sharpness never before seen in billiards programs. The Olympics, NFL football, NBA basketball, PGA golf, and now billiards in HD.

INTERNATONAL SPEED POOL CHALLENGE will feature 2007 winner Bobby McGrath and TRICK SHOT MAGIC will feature 2007 champion Stefano Pelinga. Other star players will include Andy Segal, Mike Massey, Tom Rossman, Dave Pearson and Nick Nikolaidis.

Billiards in HD for the first time ever – brought to you by Billiards International!