Sponsors of Team USA at the World Games

The 2005 World Games are being held this year in Duisberg , Germany July 14-24. THe World Games is considered to be the largest sporting event of the year and is recognized by the International Olympic Committee. Sports include Karate, power lifting, gymnastics, body building, wrestling, and many more. This event happens every 4 years and pool was introduced 4 years ago and has quickly become one of the most popular sports at the World Games this year as all the tickets for the event were sold out 3 months ago.

This years USA Mens Team consists of Charlie "Korean Dragon" Williams and Rodney "Rocket" Morris. The World Games offers no prize money, but both players will be doing their absolute best to bring home the gold vying against their international counterparts from Germany, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Holland, Canada, and more.

Both Charlie Williams and Rodney Morris are representatives of Dragon Promotions Sports Management www.dragonpromotions.com . DP Sports Management would like to thank the sponsors of Team USA who are helping them with expenses to represent the USA at the World Games.

Thanks to the BCA
Rocky McElroy of Capones Billiards in Springhill, FL
Robert & Leann Sapp of LTL Universe http://www.ltluniverse.com/
Lou Sardo of Sardo Tight Rack www.tightrack.com
Predator Cues www.predatorcues.com

We would also like to thank Dan Dishaw and the ACA http://www.cuemakers.org/ for their support and generous contribution to Team USA.

Good luck to our USA boys!