Sport 9 Tour – Sportin’ Meucci

The Sport 9 Ladies Tour is very pleased to announce Meucci as their exclusive cue sponsor for the 2015/16 tour season. Meucci has been a leader in this business for 50 plus years. For over 20 years Meucci cues dominated more than 85% of the market in Europe and the U.S.A., with 75% of the prize money from pro-tournaments being won with a Meucci cue in the 70's thru early 90's. Meucci's innovative technology is leading the way yet again in today's market.
Meucci has always contributed to the advancement of pool players of all skill levels. They are a longtime supporter of pool, and even more importantly women's pool. Sport 9 and Bob Meucci both have the same goal in mind which is to raise the interest in the competitive world of women's pool, while providing more opportunities for women to compete and advance their game.
Along with Sport 9, Meucci also sponsors many well-known players such as LoreeJon Hasson, Max Eberle, Mike Massey, Jayson Shaw, Dennis Hatch, and Alejandro Ossandon to name a few, and is also the exclusive cue and co-sponsor of Inside Pool Magazine's - The Billiard Channel which provides 24/7 access to the best billiard matches, tips, lessons and more. Who wouldn't want to be part of this team?!
With over 75 custom cues in production here in the USA, unlike most all other production custom cues on the market today, if you haven't tried a Meucci cue yet, it's about time you do!
Contact Meucci directly at (662) 895-3220, or online at We are extremely excited about this partnership, and look forward to the new season!