Stacie Bourbeau Takes Second Win of Season on McDermott New England Women’s Tour

Candi Rego, Carina Lawrence, Stacie Bourbeau, and Liz Bernier

The McDermott New England Women's Tour held a WPBA qualifier November 25, 2007 at the Silver Cue Billiard Club in Woburn, Massachusetts. Particularly notable was the performance of Carina Lawrence, who narrowly lost to Stacie Bourbeau on the hill and then went on to finish fourth place, her first time cashing in an MNEWT event.

Liz Bernier started the day playing strongly, defeating former event winners Candi Rego and Erica Testa on her way to the hot seat match where she convincingly defeated Stacie Bourbeau 7-2. Bourbeau defeated Rego in the semi-finals to rematch Bernier in the finals.

The final match was quite a battle. Bourbeau won the lag but later in the rack scratched on the eight ball. Bourbeau fouled again in game two which led to Bernier taking an early 2-0 lead. Bourbeau took game three but ended up with bad position on the nine ball in game four and missed the shot. Bernier won that game and the next to pull ahead 4-1. Bourbeau won game six, had a beautiful bank-carom shot on the five ball during her break and run of game seven, took advantage of Bernier's foul in game eight to make a 2-9 combo, then snapped the nine on the break in game nine to take the lead for the first time in the match. Bernier won one more game but Bourbeau took the first set 7-5.

Because the tournament format is true double elimination Bourbeau would have to play Bernier in a second race to seven. Twice this season Bourbeau went undefeated to the finals but lost the event to the winner of the one-loss side, so it was interesting to see what the outcome would be with her in the reversed position. Bourbeau took the early lead in the match by winning the first three games. Bourbeau missed a 2-6 combo in game four and Bernier ran out. In game five there were several uncharacteristic missed shots and fouls by both players, but Bourbeau eventually won that game and broke and ran game six for a 5-1 lead. Bourbeau came up dry on the break in game seven and Bernier took advantage and ran out. She also won the next two games to trail Bourbeau 5-4. Bernier looked poised to tie up the match in game ten but struck the cue ball poorly while attempting to pocket the nine ball using the bridge and managed to hang it, sending Bourbeau to the hill. Bernier's hopes for a comeback were dashed when Bourbeau snapped the nine ball on the break to win the second set 7-4.

Stacie Bourbeau will play in a yet to be determined WPBA event in 2008. Play well Stacie!