Stan James Stop #3 This Weekend

Room owner Luc Salvas will host this weekend's stop

The Stan James Canadian Nine Ball Tour will kick off another event this Friday night at Dooley's in Valleyfield, Quebec (just outside Montreal). This fantastic room, owned by popular speed demon Luc Salvas is a true player and fan favorite as it offers not only great pool but great food and ambience as well.

The Stan James Tour, co-sponsored by Simonis Cloth, Aramath Billiard Balls and Canada Bowling and Billiard, is the WPA points-gathering tour for Canadian players. Sanctioned by both the WPA and the CBSA, the Stan James Tour is the only touring event available for Canadian professionals seeking to participate in international competitions.

Whether you desire information for player entry or tickets for fans, please call Tour Director Jim Wych at 905-469-8303 for more details. Details are also available at the CBSA website: WWW.CBSA.CA.