Stan Tourangeau Takes Win at 8-Ball Casino

Stan Tourangeau

The 8-Ball Casino in Great Falls, Montana, offered up a venue this weekend (February 8-10, 2008) that housed forty-one poolplayers racing to eleven on seven-foot tables for a total purse of $5700. Included in the field were the likes of Stan Tourangeau and Tyler Edey.

As the field drew to the final few players on Sunday, Stan Tourangeau managed to best Shawn McKay for the winners side hot-seat sending McKay to the one-loss side to fend for himself against Tyler Edey in the semi-final round. Unfortunately for McKay, Edey pushed past him and landed in the final round with Stan Tourangeau.

In the finals, Edey was able to win the first set of the round 11-4 forcing a second set wherein he came up just short loosing to Stan Tourangeau 11-9, causing him to settle for a respectable second place finish.

The next event to be held at the casino is scheduled for March 28-30, 2008 as a $5000 added open nine-ball tournament and $1500 added ladies division. An added bonus scheduled for Friday, March 28th, is an exhibition by Dr. Cue. If you would like additional information on the upcoming event, please contact 8-Ball Casino at (406) 761-9169.

File photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe