Stars Collide in Norfolk

Day two of the U.S. Open Championships had more of the top dogs scrapping. Two of the top Brits, Darren Appleton and Karl Boyes, had to mix it up last night and both men played well but Appleton seems almost infallible at the Open (he has won it twice on the trot in the past) and he was not to be denied as he took the win 11-7.


Then Ching Shun Yang had to face young Ko. The Ko brothers have been paving their own road into pool history and no one can just expect to win against either of them. But Yang has his years of experience to kneel on and he prevailed 11-9.


Amar Kang had a brilliant match against Konstantin Stepanov of Russia where Kang took control early and just kept stretching out his lead until he emerged victorious 11-5. But that match took a lot out of him and he did not shine so brightly against Brandon Shuff as Shuff rolled out to an 11-7 win to send Kang over the left side of the charts.


Shane Van Boening had a narrow escape Monday evening. John Morra took him all the way to the hill before Van Boening could take the win 11-10. Another hill-hill bout found Mark Gray coming out on top of Mike Davis.


Raj Hundal finally got a chance to warm his arm after he took a forfeit from So Shaw in the opening round and had a fight on his hands to beat Cleiton Rocha 11-9. But then he seemed to find his gear as he took down Thorsten Hohmann 11-7.


Alex Pagulayan had a nervous night as J.H Dang took him to the hill before Pagulayan took control of the final rack for the win. Hall of Fame inductee Rodney Morris was having a fine time this week as he first defeated Oscar Dominquez 11-9 and then dismantled Rob Hart 11-1. But then he ran into Jayson Shaw and Shaw turned up the heat to win that one 11-6.


Niels Feijen and Albin Ouschan had an exhausting three hour match that wound up with Ouschan winning 11-9. Then Ouschan had to play Ramil Gallego and his spirit must have been used up as Gallego trounced him 11-3.


Other matches of note included Farncisco Sanchez-Ruiz defeating Nick Van Den Berg 11-9, Ko Pin Yi besting Skyler Woodward 11-7 and Lee Van Cortezza besting Mika Immonen 11-9. Y.L.Cheng was able to get by Chezka Centeno 11-8 and Carlo Biado came out on top with Johnny Archer 11-7. Dennis Orcullo got surprised by M.Fortunski 11-8 and David Alcaide beat Nikos Ekonomopoulos 11-9.


Play begins at 10:30 AM today and Accu-Stats has replacement equipment coming in today to get your stream going once again. We are not aware of how long it will take to unhook the malfunctioning gear and get the new stuff going but they are confident that the stream should resume today. Check with the Accu-Stats website during the day and they will let you know when they are ready to once again roll out the streams of the worlds best players. And be sure to follow all of the action with our Live Scoring page and our interactive brackets.