Statement of Perry Mariano on Boycott

Let me clear the issue of the boycott controversy.

First of all there are no events, how do you boycott a non existing event?

I was with Yen Makabenta before looking for sponsors, dangling good events and the best players but I tell you funds are hard to come by.

Imagine you now as promoter asking funds without the support of the players or even the uncertainty of having the support of the players will be 10 times harder or maybe very impossible to achieve.

The World Pool Championship event that Matchroom did in the country did not earn money for Makabenta and I'm sure of this.

He is still being questioned on the government funds used here as to who did he represent when he presented the project, was it Raya Sports of Billiards and Snookers Congress of the Philippine?

Now he will be watched on how he will be getting sponsors from the government if ever he would again venture into it.

The word boycott I think is still far from reality.

Billiards Managers and Players Association of the Philippines will provide events to players even non profit events like the PPBL (Philippine Professional Billiards League) for the good interest of our players.

We will not announce projects unless its 99 percent sure.