Steinman Takes JPNEWT Finale and POY

Morgan Steinman had a stellar year with the Regional Tours, to say the least. She started with a 5th/6th place finish at the January Regional Tour Championships that featured 55 of the top Semi-Pro players in the country. Then Morgan proceeded to win back-to-back events in JPNEWT to secure her POY status. But that wasn't all. Morgan was also the McDermott New England Women's Tour POY as well. In the history of the Regional Tours, this is the first time one player captured two tours at one time. Congrats Morgan!!

As was the same with November event, Morgan went undefeated to meet up with 2005 POY Caroline Pao. With a first round bye, Morgan then scored wins over Pam Ogarek, and Sandra Pereira before successfully defending a hot seat win over Caroline Pao, 7-4.

Caroline Pao scored wins over Barbara Stock, Carol Clark, and Supadra Boonpasook before being sent to the left side of the chart to meet up with JPNEWT rookie Erica Testa.

Erica lost her first match to Noell Rima, but surged through the left side of the chart with wins over Melissa Jenkins, Carol Clark, Naomi Fingerhut, Supadra Boonpasook, and Sandra Pereira before succumbing to Caroline Pao. Congrats to Erica on her 3rd place finish in her rookie year!!

In the finals Morgan ran up a 4-1 lead over Caroline. Caroline answered back with 5 games to go up 5-4. Morgan and Caroline traded the next two racks with Caroline reaching the first hill at 6-5. If Caroline were to have reached 7 games first, they would have to play out to 9. Morgan regrouped and won the next two racks to make the finals 7-6.

JPNEWT thanks Clifton Billiards room owner Lee Kutchenreuther and his staff, Sandy and Michelle for another wonderful event. We also thank J. Pechauer Custom Cues for their continued support.

1st – Morgan Steinman + $400 + 2007 Qualifier
2nd – Caroline Pao + $300
3rd – Erica Testa + $200
4th – Sandra Pereira + $100
5th/6th – Pam Ogarek, Supadra Boonpasook + $30