Steinman Takes JPNEWT Opener

Runner-up Caroline Pao, Room Owner Bill Haley, and Winner Morgan Steinman

Morgan Steinman overcame a second round loss to Caroline Pao to win the Pechauer NorthEast Women's Tour opener at Comet Billiards.

Morgan, the 2006 POY of two Regional tours, started off with a win over Naomi Fingerhut, but was sent to the left side of the chart by Caroline in a 7-4 loss. From there Morgan raced through her matches with wins over Susan Schmidt, Carol (Toots) Clark, Gail Glazebrook, Kathleen Lawless, Supadra, Boonpasook, Kathy Friend, and Sharon O'Hanlon before her rematch with Caroline in the finals.

Caroline posted wins over Judie Wilson, Morgan, Cyndi Haefner, and Supadra Boonpasook be fore matching up with Sharon O'Hanlon for the hot seat. Caroline won the hot seat with a 7-2 score.

Sharon then lost to Morgan for her personal high tour finish of 3rd place. And since Caroline and Morgan were ineligible to win the Qualifier spot, Sharon also won her first Qualifier. Congrats Sharon!

The finals started out well for Caroline who jumped to a 4-1 lead, but Morgan came back to rally to lead 7-5 with 3 9-breaks in a row with the alternate break format. Morgan kept up the steam and finished with a 9-6.

JPNEWT thanks Bill and Marcia Haley for hosting this event and we look forward to returning in June.

JPNEWT's next event will be a BCA Qualifier at Prime Time Billiards in South Amboy, April 14th and 15th.