Steinman wins NE Women’s Tour Stop

Sharon Weis, Morgan Steinman, Kathy Friend and Wendy Snow

The "McDermott Cue" New England Women's Tour ( held its first event of 2006 at Corner Pocket Billiards, 1428 Hartford Ave., Johnston, RI. despite the fact that a major winter storm that dumped over 15 inches of snow on RI was on the way. The impending weather situation must have been an inspiration to Morgan Steinman who, after being sent to the one-loss side by Kathy Friend, came on like a raging blizzard in the semi finals and final matches to take first place. Steinman was the "McDermott Cue" NEW Tour's player of the year for 2005, which entitles her to a spot on every WPBA event for 2006 and is sponsored by RT9 Designs (

After sending Steinman to the one-loss side Kathy Friend played Sharon Weis in the hot seat match. Perhaps Friend was tired from the long day of playing or nervous about the impending storm, but she just couldn't seem to close anything out in hot seat match. In game 2 Weis broke but didn't pocket a ball. Friend sank every ball on the table but hung the 9 ball. Nerves were raging and Weis took the match 7-0.

Weis moved on to the final match against Morgan Steinman. The tournament is a true double-elimination format which meant Steinman would have to beat Weis in two races to seven. Steinman won the lag for the first set and did not allow Weis to even come to the table until game 4. Steinman made successful combination shots on the 9 ball in games 1 and 3 and had a break and run in game 2. It wasn't until Steinman failed to pocket a ball on the break in game 4 that Weis was allowed to shoot for the first time. Weis ran the first five balls but missed the 6 ball shot and Steinman ran out for a 4-0 lead. Weis put up a great fight despite the early deficit and when Steinman made it to the hill, Weis had five beads on the wire. In game 11 Steinman played a safety shot on the 2 ball. Weis was able to hit the ball, but the 3 ball popped off the table in the process. With ball in hand Steinman won the first game of the set 7-5.

Steinman also won the lag for the second set. After a few safety shots were played Weis attempted a 6-9 combination shot but scratched in the process. Steinman took the lead 1-0. In game two a failed jump shot attempt on Steinman's part opened the door for Weis to tie the match 1-1. At the end of game 4 the match was still tied at 2-2. Steinman won the next two games to bring the score to 4-2 in her favor. Steinman was unable to pocket a ball on her next break and Weis ran out. Weis also won the next game to again tie the match at 4-4. In game 9 Steinman again attempted a jump shot. She was able to hit her ball but not pocket it. Weis looked ready to run out but she scratched on the 5 ball and instead Steinman ran out to pull ahead 5-4. Weis wasn't about to let Steinman run away and tied the match at 5-5. Weis fought valiantly all match but in the end one snow plow could not handle the blizzard and Steinman also took the second set 7-5.

Steinman will be playing at the BCA Open 9-Ball Championships held at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 14-20, 2006. Play well, Morgan!

Special thanks to Corner Pocket Billiards. The room was beautiful, the tables played well, and the staff were great hosts.

Complete Results:
Morgan Steinman - 1st - $450 plus $500 WPBA entry fee.
Sharon Weis - 2nd - $270.
Kathy Friend - 3rd - $180.
Wendy Snow - 4th - $100.