Steve Foster Takes on the North Florida Amateur Tour

The first event of the season for the KBP 2006 Adrenaline North Florida Amateur 9-Ball Tour started off with a great field of players this weekend at Bankshot Billiards, 11000 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, Florida, ranked in Billiard Digest at the #3 best new pool room in America. The room has a beautiful layout with ample room for players to be able to really concentrate on their shots, big screen HD TV?s, and video games. A menu is on display with a good variety of foods along with beer, wine and sodas.

Gainesville player Steve Foster started off with a bye in the bottom half of the bracket but once on the table he began running through the winners bracket to put him in the King of the Hill match up with Ryan Lordahl who had worked his way through the top half. Both players showed great skills on the table and the King of the Hill match held to a lot of safeties and good strategic plays that kept the match neck and neck till Foster finally too it at 7-6.

On the B side Daytona player Matt Bauries who was put in the one loss bracket by local Jacksonville player Jason Watts 7-5 showed that he was working on a comeback with wins scoring 5-0, 5-2, and 5-4. Bauries got a chance to meet up with Watts again when Foster sent him to the one loss side. Watts played hard against Bauries but the rolls were favoring Bauries who took the win at 5-4 leaving Watts in 4th place.

Bauries then faced Lordahl to see who would go to the final rounds with Foster. After the grueling match with Foster, Lordahl was still in stroke and worked hard against Bauries and it paid off when Lordahl prevailed with a 5-4 win.

The final race to 9 match was just as exciting as the other matches with Lordahl and Foster matching up again to battle for the top spot. Lordahl won the flip of the coin and the race was on but neither player could get a break from the other to jump ahead. They traded games back and forth through out the match as in the previous matches till Foster got a chance to take the win at 9-8.

The top four players for this event are

1st Steve Foster $450
2nd Ryan Lordahl $290
3rd Matt Bauries $130
4th Jason Watts $90