Steve Gold and Adam Kaminski Tops at Felt Billiards (NY)

The past few weekends at Felt Billiards (located at 6133 Jericho Turnpike, Commack, New York) have been exciting for those in attendance.  The Saturday weekly event has really taken off and the attendance is slowly growing.

The weekend of December 13th a total of fourteen players came out to the third stop of the Felt Billiards weeklies to try their luck at the $360 purse.  Steve “Junior” Gold ended up being the top gun for the weekend with four wins to take home the $200 prize, followed by David Ertman which settled into second place of the single elimination event.  

Ertman bested Michael Cohen 4-2 in the semi-finals to find himself against Gold in the finals, while Gold made his way through Michael Osario 6-1 and then ultimately Ertman 6-2.


1st Steve Gold $200
2nd David Ertman $100
3rd/4th Michael Cohen/Michael Osario $30

Then on to the latest stop (number four) which was held on December 27th with fifteen attendees in play. The pot this time around was $375, with Adam Kaminski taking $175 for his victory over the field.  Kaminsky bested David Ertman 6-3 in the semis, while Evan Broxmeyer was taken down by Michael Osario 4-4 (the race was 9-4).  Broxmeyer appeared to run out of steam after the two prior matches he played, giving up races of 9-6 and 9-5.  In the finals, Osario was unable to hold off Kaminski which ended his day in second place.


1st Adam Kaminski $175
2nd Michael Osario $100
3rd/4th Evan Broxmeyer/David Ertman $50

For more information on this or future Saturday events, contact Felt Billiards at (631) 623-6307 or visit the website at  The tournament is played on seven-foot tables, however, the room offers play on nine-foot tables as well – all players are welcome.