Steve Lillis on tour in the Arabian Peninsula

Steve Lillis traveled to the (AP) Arabian Peninsula the last two weeks of May and networked with international billiard teams, mission agencies, and the United States Navy.  First stop was Kuwait to meet our Muslim friend and host Khaled who is the Captain of the Kuwaiti Billiard Team who are many times champions of the Gulf Region.  Khaled led his team last year to play in the 2008 U.S. Open 9 Ball Championship in Chesapeake, VA.  He not only spent much time with us being a gracious host and friend but also gave us billiard contacts into the other GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries.  We also worked with the NEC (National Evangelical Church) in Kuwait which is a church compound housing all Christian ministries in one geographic area.  
Next stop was Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE (United Arab Emeritus) where we met up with the UAE National Billiard Team in Dubai.  They have a Filipino coach named Joven which is very common in the AP as many Filipino expats live and work in the region.  The Filipinos have contributed in a large way in helping the sport of pool/billiards develop in the AP.  Steve did a special (GTS) Gospel Trick Shot Show for the UAE Team, the coach, and the sponsors in their home billiard club in Dubai.  UAE consists of 7 emirates or kingdoms and together they are part of the GCC which has 6 countries, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.  Steve also did a church GTS show for the youth of the NEC in Dubai.  
Last stop was the island of Bahrain to partner with the American Medical Mission which has been there since 1904 and newly formed R11 a Christian youth organization.  Steve did a "teaser" show in the premier billiard club for members of the Bahrain National Billiard Team and other pool fans.  On the final night in Bahrain Steve did a grand finale Gospel Trick Shot Show staged for 500 people in a private school with three cameras and a mixer, with two large screens, lighting, sound system, and appropriate staging equipment.  Steve was fully able to share the Gospel with many Muslims and Christians in attendance.  There was total unity in what was done and said around the pool table as the trick shots flew in the pockets.  
In total, Steve did eight Gospel Trick Shot Shows in billiard rooms and churches across the UAE, Kuwait, and Bahrain.  Additionally Steve did a GTS Show for the U.S. Navy at Command Center in the Gulf in Bahrain for the 5th Naval Fleet which might be broadcast worldwide through the Armed Forces Network.  This was a special opportunity through the U.S. Navy Chaplaincy Program to encourage our men and women in uniform with a Gospel Trick Shot Show.  God bless America!