Stevie Moore dominates Athens Rapid Fire Event

As he does on the first sunday of each month, Ron Park held his Rapid Fire 9-Ball event at Murphy's Brass Rail in Athen's Georgia on April 3rd.

On this day, Stevie Moore proved to be too much for the field of 27 players as he was relatively untested all day. Moore took the hot-seat with a 5-1 win over Park.

Park earned a rematch with Moore in the finals by eliminating Dave Maddux 4-1 on the one-loss side, but Park could still not find an answer to Moore's game. Moore won the final match with Park 7-2 for the touranament win.

While the field might not have provided an effective challenge for Moore, the monthly 'Big Rack' contest was something that Moore couldn't conquer. Each month, tickets are sold to players at the room and 3 tickets are drawn for a chance to break and run a rack for the lion's share of the pot. Unbelievably, Moore's name was drawn all three times for the contest and he was unable to pocket more than two balls in any of his three attempts. The Big Rack prize pool will be over $400 for the May tournament.

Complete Results:
1st Stevie Moore $300
2nd Ron Park $180
3rd Dave Maddux $100
4th Jim Jennings $50
5th/6th Martin Roberts, Steve Cox $25