Stevie Moore takes a commanding lead on day two of TAR Challenge match

Stevie Moore dominated the play on day two of his $20,000 challenge match with Chris Bartram. Coming into the second day, Stevie was leading 35-28 and looking to slam the door on Chris. Stevie came out guns blazing winning the first 12 games in a row. By the time the dust settled Stevie had completely dominated the days play and ended the second of three days play ahead by a score of 70-40 with one day left to play. These two action warriors will come back to finish this winner take all match today at 2 PM Eastern. You can see it LIVE on streaming Pay Per View for $15 at

There were some extra curricular activities last night after the feature ended. Tony Chohan and Justin Bergman matched up in a $2500 entry 10 ball race to 21 set. Justin jumped out in front early but Tony was able to grind back to get in the set. In the end he could not out run Justin's consistent and steady play. Justin won the set by a score of 21-18. These two are going to play the same set again tonight at the conclusion of our main event and coverage of it is included for free in the price of the main event Pay Per View.

There was a special third action match last night as well. Tony Chohan and Cliff Joyner matched up playing One Pocket in a four ahead set for $2000 winner take all. Tony was getting a spot of 8 ball to 7. Cliff never really could get lose and Tony was in dead punch running out from everywhere. It did not take long before Tony took down the cash in this battle between two of the greatest One Pocket players in the world. This is the type of match The Action Report is about. Two of the greatest players in the world playing a spontaneous match in front of the cameras. Everyone who bought the main event Pay Per View was able to watch both of the after hours matches for free.

The Action Report would like to thank our sponsors for this match BCA Pool Leagues, Diamond Billiard Products, Steve Klapp Custom Cues and OB Cues.