Stevie Moore Triumphs at Hammer Heads

Stevie Moore

The Seminole Florida Pro Tour held their sixth event of the year at Hammer Heads Billiard Lounge in Holiday, Florida the weekend of October 5-7, 2007. With $9,000 added, the turn-out of both professional and regional players should not have been a surprise to any involved. There were a total of sixty players in the field, including Corey Deuel, Richard Broumpton, Stevie Moore, Dave Grossman, Butch Croft, Neil Fujiwara, Troy Frank, Donnie Mills, Charlie Williams, and Tony Crosby.

After a weekend full of entertaining matches from a talented field of players, the final two individuals to make it into the finals were Stevie Moore and Minnesota's Brian BreKKe. Brekke initially beat Moore on the winners side of the bracket 8-6 to get to the hot seat final where he met up with Corey Deuel and defeated him 8-5.

Once Moore was on the one-loss side, he had to defeat Neil Fujiwara (8-5), Tony Crosby (8-6) and Corey Deuel 8-3. This allowed him the opportunity back into the final round where he was able to meet Brian Brekke yet again. This time around, Moore was able to hold off Brekke with a final score of 9-8 in order to take the tournament win.

A quick note, as of this tournament, Corey Deuel takes the number one ranking spot on the tour and with only one more tournament left in the season, it appears he has a great chance at becoming player of the year.

File photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe