Stick Built Tour Rounds the Bend

Four stops down with four left to go in the Stick Built Tour to Benefit Habitat for Humanity, sponsored by Poison Cues.  That's four more chances to win entry to the $500 Tournament of Champions!  Top three places in stop four were Johnny Griffin, Tony Williams, and Jackson “Smokee” Jeffreys.  Fourth place was taken by Chris Rhodes who, because Griffin, Williams, and Jeffreys have already won their entry, was awarded the free entry to the TOC in April.  Congrats, Chris!  Yes, folks, you read it right.  4th place won a free chance at $500!  You could be next!
Now to address an issue that has arisen.  There has been some concern about Griffin and Williams dominating the tour.  We've heard from some players who've even said they won't play because they don't feel they have a chance to win.  After much thoughtful debate – and a small amount of yelling and swearing – we here at Cue Sport Promotions have resolved NOT to kick someone from our tour halfway through just because they are doing well.  Yes, Griffin and Williams will have to settle for open tournaments after SBT 2009 is finished, but for the next four events they WILL be allowed to play.
CSP is new, and perhaps more experienced tournament directors see a problem with our stance, but we are also players.  As such, we refuse to punish skill.  We respect it, we honor it, and we absolutely will not push it away.  Pool is beautiful and the artists that render masterpieces on green cloth should not be treated as pariahs.  
So, congrats to Johnny, Tony, and Smokee, and we look forward to seeing how you do for the rest of the SBT.  As for those players who refuse to play because of this decision, we hope you will change your minds and recognize that improvement in anything comes only from contests hard fought, not those easily won.