Stixx And Stones Billiards Welcomes New House Pro Chris Robinson

We are extremely honored and excited Mosconi cup team USA 2020 Chris Robinson Pool Player will be joining the Stixx and Stones Team as our partner and House Pro! Together we will continue to expand and grow our wonderful community. As part of our mission, we will teach and promote Junior players and host Events and Leagues – Providing opportunities to the community of junior players is something that is near and dear to both our hearts. Chris will be representing Stixx And Stones in championships & tournaments and will be taking on the role of our Official Instructor offering multiple levels of lessons, clinics and workshops.

Chris, rated #36 in US, is one of the strongest and fastest progressing pro pool players we’ve seen in a long time. His ever growing list of accomplishments includes multiple years winning the California State Junior 9 Ball Championship, Junior National Champion, Atlantic Cup player, Collegiate National Champion, Cole Dickson Memorial Champion, Mezz West State Tour Champion, Las Vegas 9 Ball Open top 5 and of course his inclusion in the 2020 Mosconi Cup team.

We have the same values and beliefs about the sport and our community — together as a team we share a common vision to “Make Pool Great Again”!

A true CHAMPION of the sport!

Please Follow Chris Robinson and show him the support he is showing us. Welcome to the Stixx Team Chris Robinson!