Store, Just Enough Prove to Have Enough at 2016 Southwest Regional 8-Ball Tournament

CueSports International, Henderson, NV (Sept. 9, 2016)  Bernie Store of Phoenix was the ‘Queen B’ at the 2016 Southwest Regional 8-Ball Tournament, where she won not only the women’s 8-ball title, but also won the scotch doubles division, with the help of her partner Adam Payan of Glendale, AZ.


The event was held Sept. 1-5 at the We-Ko-Pa Resort & Conference Center near Scottsdale, Ariz. and more than 150 players competed throughout the five-day 8-ball tournament, which was produced by CueSports International and sponsored by CueSports International, Diamond Billiard Products Inc., Cyclop and Simonis.


In the Women’s Singles Division, Store went undefeated, beating: Terri Johnson-McCauley, 5-0; Tami Hathcock, 5-1; Cee Perez, 5-0; Kristin Haney, 5-1; Peg Hurst, 5-2; Veronica Poore, 5-1 and Pearl Ortiz, of New Mexico, who took second place, by a score of 5-2.


In the Scotch Doubles, Store and Payan also went undefeated. Their opponents included Rick Nelson and Gurley Shaw, 4-0; Albert Salas Jr. and Claudia Morado, 4-1; Joe Nicita and Sara Sorg, 4-2; Bryan Wilson and Peg Hurst, 4-3; Adam Hurst and Donna Taylor, 4-1; and Juventino Flores Jr. and Sonia Flores. Flores Jr. and Flores, of Gilbert, AZ took home the second-place prize money.


Just Enough, a team that included Terri Johnson-McCauley of Farmington, N.M., Pearl Ortiz, of Rio Rancho, N.M., Brian Begay of Shiprock, N.M., and Tony Yuzuik of Scottsdale, Ariz. proved they had enough to get through the 32-team mixed team division undefeated. Just Enough beat opponents: Breanking Bad, 10-9; Accurately Rated by Fargo, 10-7; Pool Flys, 10-2; TCT, 10-4; and Fargo Force, 10-9. Just Enough was challenged in the finals match by 4 Amigos, a team made up of Joe Avila, of Avondale, AZ; Oscar Avila Sr. of Phoenix, AZ; Nick Cipiti, of Scottsdale, AZ and Mike Ramirez, of Phoenix, AZ. But the New Mexico team had Just Enough left after a long two days of shooting to sneak out of the hill-hill finals match to win.


CueSports International is the parent company of the BCAPL and USAPL. CSI also produces independent events, such as the US Open 10-Ball Championship, the US Open 8-Ball Championship and much more. For more information, visit or call 702-719-POOL.






1. Adam Payan, Glendale, AZ. & Bernie Store, Phoenix, AZ.                                                       $600

2. Juventino Flores Jr., Gilbert, AZ & Sonia Flores, Gilbert, AZ                                                  $400

3. Adam Hurst, Prescott, AZ & Donna Taylor, Peoria, AZ                                                                $250

4. Bill Vander Weyst, Gilbert, AZ & Tami Hathcock, Phoeniz, AZ                                              $150

5. Bryan Wilson, Prescott Valley, AZ & Peg Hurst, Prescott, AZ                                                 $100

6. John Begay, Waterflow, NM & Terri Johnson-McCauley, Farmington, NM                   $100

7. Mike Howerton, Avondale, AZ & Cathy Kelley, Gilbert, AZ                                                     $75

8. Burt Balancad, Glendale, AZ & Jamie Goodwin, Glendale, AZ                                              $75



1.        Just Enough                                             $2,130

2.        4 Amigos                                                   $1,350

3.        Fargo Force                                             $920

4.        TCT                                                                $600

5.        Stingers Venom                                    $400

6.        Winning Ugly                                         $400

7.        Junior Rolls!                                           $250

8.        Fool Flys                                                    $250




1.        Bernie Store, Phoenix, AZ                                    $525

2.        Pearl Ortiz, Rio Rancho, NM                                $350

3.        Veronica Poore, Avondale, AZ                           $225

4.        Leandrea Gaff, Glendale, AZ                                $150

5.        Peg Hurst, Prescott, AZ                                           $100

6.        Sophia Morquecho, Glendale, AZ                    $100

7.        Mary Coffman, Henderson, NV                          $70

8.        Kristin Haney, Prescott Valley, AZ                   $70

9.        Dalina Graham, Calgary, Alberta, CA              $60

10.     Terri Johnon-McCaulty, Farmington, NM   $60

11.     Cathy Kelley, Gilbert, AZ                                       $60

12.     Michele Miller, Gilbert, AZ                                  $60




1. Brian Begay, Shiprock, N.M.                                                  $1,000

2. Michael Allen, Salt Lake City, Utah                                  $700

3. Leroy Banks, Mesa, AZ                                                               $450

4. Carlos Avalos, La Mesa, Calif.                                                $300

5. Navin Talreja, Chandler, AZ                                                    $200

6. Ricardo Ritchie, Avondale, AZ                                              $200

7. Bryan Wilson, Prescott Valley, AZ                                     $125

8. Drew McCoy, Austin, TX                                                           $125

9. Oscar Avila, Sr., Phoenix, AZ                                                  $100

10. Fernando Prats, Tempe, AZ                                                 $100

11. Tim Daniel, Mesa, AZ                                                               $100

12. Luke Wilkom, Mesa, AZ                                                         $100

13. Jeremy Gibbs, Phoenix, AZ                                                 $75

14. Larry Randle, Prescott Valley, AZ                                    $75

15. Bill Vander Weyst, Gilbert, AZ                                          $75

16. Pete Lhotka, Dewey, AZ                                                        $75




1. Joe Avila, Avondale, AZ                                                             $800

2. Adam Payan, Glendale, AZ                                                      $575

3. Todd Rodgers, San Tan Valley, AZ                                      $375

4. Anthony Laudadio, Austin, TX                                              $250

5. Vince Villalva, Austin, TX                                                         $150

6. Chuck Bower Jr., Gilbert, AZ                                                 $150

7. Michael Chapa, Beeville, TX                                                  $100

8. Brian Almond, San Gabriel, CA                                            $100

9. Bryson Hunter Sr., Peach Springs, AZ                              $85

10. Arnel Ferry, Glendale, CA                                                    $85

11. Jesse Perez, Gilbert, AZ                                                         $85

12. James Diaz, Phoeniz, AZ                                                        $85

13. Garnet Snow, Maricopa, AZ                                                $75

14. Jose Torres, W. Hollywood, CA                                        $75

15. Spencer Brinkley, Mesa, AZ                                                $75

16. Lynda Niichel, Queen Creek, AZ                                      $75