Stottlemyer and Rhee win Planet Pool Season Finale

Brett Stottlemyer

The Planet Pool 9-Ball Tour ended their season with a bang at Orange Ball Billiards in Rockville, MD. With 103 players in the open division, 29 players in the ladies division and $5000 in added prize money; the result was the largest payout in Planet Pool history.

Brett Stottlemyer took the open division hot-seat with a 9-5 win over Pooky Rasmeloungon. Pooky then lost to 'The Earthquake' Keith McCready 7-3 on the one-loss side. The win earned McCready some vengeance after Pooky had sent him to the one-loss side via a 9-2 decision earlier in the tournament.

McCready looked on his way to a win in the first set of the finals. He led 8-7 and had just left Stottlemyer a full table length bank to deal with. What might have looked like a promising position for McCready changed quickly as Stottlemyer drained the bank and then proceeded to break and run the deciding rack for a 9-8 victory.

Stottlemyer earned $2500 for first place, while McCready took home $1600 for second. Rasmeloungon and Ryan McCreesh filled out the top four spots.

In the ladies division, tour regulars Sueyen Rhee and Amanda Pasko made their way from the WPBA Florida Classic to Rockville just in time to play. Rhee looked like she was on her way to an undefeated run to the hot-seat, but Gwen Dickert ended that run with a 7-6 victory for the hot-seat. Undaunted, Rhee dominated My-Hahn Lac 5-1 to earn another chance against Dickert in the finals. The second chance turned into a third chance when Rhee won the first set 7-3 to force a final set. This set was also won by Rhee by the score of 7-5.

Rhee pocketed $700 for first, with Dickert settling for $470 in second place prize money. Lac and Pasko filled out the top four spots.

The season long points race was won by Mike Davis, with the ladies points race won by Malea Haacke.