Str8 Shots to Support BEF Juniors with 10% Contribution may be relatively new to the scene but they are proving to be one of the leading online dart and billiard retailers, and they’re here to stay. They’re not only dedicated to providing exceptional service and loyalty to their customers but they have been the driving force in resuscitating the billiard life in Colorado. They’ve recently hosted a series of big money added tournaments which all began around qualifier events for the juniors.
Str8 Shots has not only supported the local billiard community in Colorado but they have played a leading role in promoting pool across the country from their involvement with the juniors to their charitable program with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. And now, beginning June 1, they take their commitment to the next level by committing to donate 10% of their net income on all orders of billiard products to the Billiard Education Foundation and they challenge the industry and other retailers to do the same.
“We are small fish in a large pond. However we know the importance of paying it forward; especially when it comes to helping the youth. The BEF is an amazing organization devoted to promoting youth in billiards and it is our honor to help them in any way we can. Our hope is that all retailers will do the same,” said Marc and Kimberly Griffiths, owners of Str8 Shots.
“The Billiard Education Foundation is SO proud and fortunately to have the support of such a committed sponsor as Str8 Shots. They are truly true ambassadors for our sport,” said Samm Diep-Vidal, Executive Director for the BEF.