Strickland Leads Sigel After Living Legends Challenge Day One

Earl Strickland (File photo courtesy of Erwin Dionisio)
Day one is complete at the Living Legends Challenge, being held in the Aramith/Simonis Arena at Sandcastle Billiards in Edison NJ, and Earl Strickland is putting on a dominating performance against Mike Sigel
Things got underway with 8-Ball, and they couldn’t have started much better for Strickland as he cruised to an 8-2 win. The rust was evident in Sigel’s game, and Earl’s continued top level tournament play showed right from the get-go. 
Even with the dominating result in 8-Ball, the 10-Ball was much closer. A Strickland miss on a game ball mid set seemed to energize Sigel’s game and he fought back to tie things at hill-hill. That would be as far as he would get though, as Strickland won the case game for a 2-0 lead at the end of afternoon play. 
The evening session got underway with Straight Pool, the game most fans thought Sigel would have the best chances in. That wasn’t the case though, as Sigel got one chance to put a run together and left himself no shot after a 7 ball run and break shot. Meanwhile, Strickland was stringing together multiple rack runs like they were nothing. The final scoreline showed Earl a 125-7 winner.
The final match of the night was 9-Ball, but by this time Sigel’s confidence level was definitely lacking. Earl took early control and ran away to a quick 8-3 win. 
Day two play gets underway on Saturday at 1pm EST with Banks and then One Pocket. By virtue of trailing in the overall score, Sigel will have his choice of disciplines for the 7pm session on Saturday.
Fans who can’t enjoy this match at Sandcastle Billiards can always watch the PPV stream at