Strickland vs Van Boening in The Decider

Shane Van Boening and Earl Strickland
©JP Parmentier

The Legends and Champions pool Tour are happy to announce another Pro Challenge match. The match will be called "The Decider" And will be three days of fun and excitement with two of the greatest pool players on the planet. Earl "The Pearl" Strickland and the "South Dakota Kid" Shane Van Boening. This event will be a three day action packed mix of 8-Ball, 9-Ball and 10-Ball. All races to 30 on a Bar table and will be held at the Eagles 16 lodge in Helena, Montana on August 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Friday the 2nd will start at 6.00pm and then on Saturday and Sunday will start at 2.00pm. The schedule of games played are to be determined.

This will be a match where every rack counts not just winning the set. All racks will count in the final result. In plain English, whoever wins the most racks over the weekend wins. So for example if Shane wins day one 30 to 25, he is 5 racks ahead and then if he wins day two 30 to 25 he is 10 racks ahead. Therefore on day three Earl would have to really come with it as he would be 10 racks behind with 30 racks up for grabs. Again this will make for an exciting three days of play.
Most know that These Champions have played challenge matches on different sized tables. Earl beat Shane when they played on a TAR mach on a 10 foot table, then Shane won the TAR match on a 9 foot table and so it only makes sense to play the "Decider" on bar table with a mix a different games.
This event will be a Pay Per View event, we are working with Daniel Busch of POV Pool to try and keep the price for the three days as low as possible and that will be announces also. POV Pool made it very clear that this match will NOT be appearing on youtube a few days after the match as they usually do and so the only time to see this will be during the event itself. We will be looking into the possibilities of looping the match over the weekend for those who have purchased.
This time our main sponsors and the reason this match is happening are Shellie's Country Cafe and the Fraternal Order Of Eagles in Helena, Montana. I will be announcing our other sponsors once we have them all in place. A very BIG thank you to Shellie's Country Cafe who put put the majority of the money for "The Decider" and and other big thanks you to the F.O.E who didn't hesitate to jump on board.
Admission to the event will be just $25.00 per person for the whole weekend and please feel free to contact Mark Cantrill at if you have any questions.