Strickland Wins Living Legends Challenge

Earl Strickland (Photo courtesy of Karl Kantrowitz)
The final day of the Living Legends Challenge at Sandcastle Billiards in Edison, NJ was a quick one. 
Going into the final day, Earl Strickland held a 5-3 lead over Mike Sigel. Strickland had dominated day one, winning 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 10-Ball and Straight Pool, but Sigel came back on day two to win three of the four sessions played (One Pocket twice and the second Straight Pool session). 
Day three got underway with 8-Ball and if Sigel’s day two success did anything, it got Earl’s attention and he definitely brought all of his focus to the session. The result was a quick 8-1 win for The Pearl and Sigel knew he would have to sweep the remaining sessions of the day. 
Although Sigel gave it his all, he came up just short in the next session as Strickland scored an 8-6 10-Ball win for the final session win. 
With a final scoreline of Earl Strickland 7 - Mike Sigel 3, Strickland was crowned the 2018 Living Legends Challenge Champion.