Sunday Viking Tour action

Martin Rimlinger

The first stop on the new Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour season is down to sixteen players on Sunday morning at Cornfed Red's Billiard Cafe in Columbus, OH.

The winners side will feature Dennis 'Action' Jackson vs Rodney Evans from West Virginia, Walter Goolding vs Fred Lane, Shawn Putnam vs Louie Karamas from Akron Ohio and Chris Szuter vs Howard Vickery.

Matches scheduled for the one-loss side are Martin Rimlinger (pictured) vs Cornfed Red's owner Dane Clark, Jamie 'Gummy Bear' McWorter vs Ben Zimmer, Steve Dillon (one of the future young guns from Cincinnati) vs Rick Royster and seventeen year old Shane Hennen vs Willie Oney.

The tournament is not the only action in Columbus this weekend as Eric Durbin strolled in to Cornfed Red's looking for action and has a game set up with Dee Adkins later on Sunday that will surely draw a crowd.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe