Susan Williams wins Sweet Tooth Grand Opening Event

Susan Williams

Sweet Tooth Billiards hosted their first added money tournament on March 7th drawing players from all parts of the Valley.  This field was restricted to players rated 9 & Under with all players racing to one under their handicap.  An entry fee of $40 and an additional sidepot of $40 insured that there would be a nice payday for anyone winning the tournament while being in both prize funds.  This is exactly what happened as Susan Williams wowed the crowd with her solid play all weekend long.

It was Susan and her finals opponent in the hot seat match as well.  Dave Vezain looked double tough all day on Saturday and most of Sunday as he stayed focused and seemed to be really concentrating on limiting his opponent's opportunities at the table.  This strategy paid big dividends as he marched straight through the Winner's bracket to face Susan who was also looking like the star of her bracket.

Both the hot seat match and the finals between these two were great matches but someone had to win and it was Susan that came out on top.  Third place went to an 8 rated player that looked solid all weekend until he claims he simply “ran out of steam”.  Pat Dicker lost to Dave Vezain in his bid to make it to the hotseat match, then went to the losers side and took on Randy Thompson who was having a good weekend.  Pat won this match forcing Randy to settle for 5/6th place.  Pat then took on Mike Kennedy who was fresh from his victory over Jerry Stuckart.  Mike seemed to have Jerry's number as he came back from a 6-2 deficit in one of their matches with a series of early 9 balls to make it a match and eventually win.  Jerry had to settle for 5/6th as well but he should be happy that he played well in this tournament.  When Pat Dicker and Mike Kennedy matched up, it was anybody's guess who would win.  Pat was victorious and Mike took 4th place money.

Pat then ran into the tough Dave Vezain and once again Dave came out on top.  The finals were very exciting as Susan trailed early in the set, but battled back to take the win and avoid a second set.  Congratulations to all those that cashed and thanks to all that came to participate.  A special thank you goes to Susan and Dave who were very generous in tipping out the Sweet Tooth staff.

 For those of you that missed this event, keep an eye out for we plan to host a number of special events in the upcoming months.  The room is designed to host large tournaments comfortably and it looks like everyone enjoyed their time at Sweet Tooth.