Susan Williams wins Western Womens Amateur Open

Susan Williams

The semi-finals and finals of the Western Women's Amateur Open could be described as tests of endurance. Sunday started with Susan Williams of Chandler, Arizona intensely playing for the hotseat with Grace Nakamura of Toronto, Canada. In what would be another hill-hill match, which there was an abundance throughout the event, Williams prevailed and was able to take a breather as Nakamura then found herself facing one of the strongest women players from Texas, Heather Lloyd.
Lloyd a multiple Lone Star State champion took third as Nakamura' with great determination ended the home grown Texans table time. In the finals laid back Williams and energized Nakamura were both a great contrast in style as well as examples of tremendous concentration. Both women played their A games and again found themselves at hill-hill. In the deciding 17th game, Nakamura broke but was hooked on the one ball and pushed. Williams took the challenge and with the rack having a couple of breakout needs and in clusters, the rack was a game of strategy as well as shooting capabilities. It seemed the end for Nakamura as Williams found herself needing only the 6-10 balls on an open table. However, a barely missed tough cut on the 6 ball brought the tenacious Toronto player back into the thick of things. However, she would not have an easy time of it as she faced a safe versus going for a fairly low percentage shot on a 6-7 combo. Nakamura, a former Canadian Snooker player, conventional and expected thought might have to bet on a safety. Nope, she confidently fired at the combo, making it and running out to force the second set.
The second set was where the wall hit Nakamura. After a long day of back to back matches, the natural energy force which is the diminutive Canadian waned. The opposite was true for Williams, who although started out of the gate in the second set also showing signs of fatigue, she developed a second wind half-way through the match and caught fire the last  two games, including a break and run to put herself on the hill. Never deterred, Nakamura would fight back but a missed kick allowed Williams back to the table with a dead 3-10 combo and the match.
The event was sponsored and supported by the Mazatzal Hotel and Casino, Bad Boys Billiards Productions, Diamond Billiards Products, Predator Cues, AZB, Inside English Magazine and Dale Teague Custom Cues.