Synchronized Cue Dancing

Playing pool is like dancing. Not only your shooting form, but also your movements in between shots. The way you walk, carry your cue, chalk up, look at the table, line up, and eventually stroke the cue all give clues to how well you play as well as effect your results on the table. I think it serves the pool player well to be fluid in action. This could entail graceful, powerful and controlled motions while at the table. You have a unique way of moving your body around the table and stroking your cue. Be like a child.

Dance around uninhibited and filled with joy. Be like a ballet dancer. Find freedom and expression in your range of movements. Be like a hunter, focused and stealthy in your approach.

Your positive body language alone will counteract the disabling effects of fear. Acting indecisively can plant the seed of doubt in your mind, thus causing you to flub a shot. Would you not rather ROCK the shot, ROCK the run out, and ROCK this game?! Your mind is one with the creator’s, just trust it and stroke away. Act confidently and you will be confident. Act smoothly and you will be smooth. Act unflappably and you will be unflappable. Stay down and keep your eye on the ball and you will run out. Dance around the table and you will dance the balls into the pockets!