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Shaw goes undefeated to claim International Open 9-Ball Title

Jayson Shaw

Junior International Championship series crowns two new 18 & Under champions

It was a primal roar.

Shocking in its volume, its intensity, its contagious enthusiasm for the moment. He stood there, back arched, gripping his cue, his off-hand tightened to a fist, roaring to the rooftops. He put his cue down, pivoted in a single spot, his fierce glare and ongoing roar inviting the 200 or so people surrounding him in the Iwan Simonis Arena at the Sheraton Norfolk Waterside in Virginia to join him in his triumph. They did.

Scotland’s Jayson Shaw had just won the 9-Ball tournament at the 2022 International Open and he wanted everybody to know, including, it would seem, the folks working at the General Dynamics shipyard across the bay from the hotel. Though somewhat familiar to any and all who’d watched him win tournaments before, it had reached a level that according to close friend and teammate on the 2016 Mosconi Cup team, Darren Appleton, was new and unique to the moment.

“I’d never seen that before,” said Appleton afterwards. “I’d seen him do it in team play, like the Mosconi Cup, but never like that before.”

Speaking to the crowds immediately following his 13-10 victory over Poland’s Wiktor Zielinski, Shaw tried to explain. He’d been asked what elevated this win above others. He didn’t reference the roar directly, but as he spoke, it added meaning and context to it. He shared the moment and everyone in the arena, who hadn’t needed or expected the explanation, understood it.

“I’ve struggled the last 12 months,” he said. “Just wasn’t feeling it.”

This might have come as a bit of a surprise to the listeners who knew something about his last 12 months; the back-to-back wins at Turning Stone, his victories at the 12th New England Pool & Billiards Hall of Fame 9-Ball Open and the Pro Players Championship at the Super Billiards Expo. But the acknowledged champion was thinking about the other 14 events at which he’d not done so well, during which time the pressure within him to ‘get back’ to where he wanted to be was strong, bottled up in a human vessel that burst like a huge champagne cork when the final 9-ball dropped.

He was definitely feeling it now, as six years, to the day, after he’d defeated Jung Lin-Chang at the Kuwait Open, he laid claim to the 2022 International Open 9-Ball title.

But so was Poland’s Wiktor Zielinski when he stepped to the table at the start of the match, with his own set of demons to exorcise, including, exactly one week ago, his runner-up finish to Dimitri Jungo at the American 14.1 Straight Pool Championships. He more than made up for that disappointment, eliminating Joshua Filler and Fedor Gorst in the single elimination stage.  Shaw had eliminated Kuwait’s Abdullah Alyousef 10-4, Spain’s Jonas Souto 10-3 and in the semifinals, Ko Pin Yi 10-3 to join him in the finals.

For those who’d been following the two finalists’ trips through the bracket, it was setting up to be a tight match between Zielinski’s resilience and Shaw’s raw and visible determination. Determination won.

The crowd had to wait a while for the two to settle in. Zielinski opened the proceedings with a dry break, which Shaw was unable to take advantage of. Zielinski then missed the 2-ball completely, giving Shaw ball-in-hand. Shaw ran the table to draw first blood. Shaw broke the second rack and scratched, giving Zielinski the opportunity to run the table and tie things up, which he did.

Things got better quickly, although when Zielinski broke and ran the third rack, it’d prove to be the last time that he would lead in the match. Shaw broke and ran rack four, running to the 3-ball and using it to drop the 9-ball and tie things. Though Zielinski would get within one, twice, at 7-6 and 8-7, the proverbial writing was on the wall. 

Zielenski got the crowd stirring right after Shaw had reached the hill, ahead by four. Shaw scratched in the next rack and Zeilinski dropped a 2-9 combination to finish rack #17, quickly, and then, after Shaw smacked three balls home on the break, Zielinski used a long bank shot on the 1-ball to start a run that brought him to within two at 12-10. 

Zielinski broke dry on the next rack and Shaw used a 2-9 combination to finish.

And then, there was the roar.

Tate and Hollingsworth meet for 2nd time in JIC final, Mast and Noelle Tate meet in girls’ final

It is indicative of the entire JIC program that the two girls who squared off in the finals of the Junior International Championships’ (JIC) 18 & Under Girls final were 14 and 12 years of age. The program made the distinction between 13 & Under and 18 & Under to keep burgeoning skills at the table in separate divisions, but the younger competitors weren’t interested. Sofia Mast (14) and Noelle Tate (12) advanced through the short field of eight entrants at the 2022 JIC’s 18 & Under Championships and though, there was a possibility that this year’s final would feature Tate sisters Bethany (16) who finished at the top of the 18 & Under Girls rankings, and Noelle, who finished 6th, that didn’t happen.. 

Mast had defeated Bethany, double hill, to claim the hot seat, but much to Noelle and Bethany’s surprise, the younger sibling defeated the older 7-5 in the semifinals. Noelle, who hadn’t given being in the finals a single thought on her way, fell 9-2 in the finals, and ‘besties’ that they tend to be, they hugged warmly when it was all over.

Noelle’s older brother, Joey and Landon Hollingsworth in the 18 & Under Boys final, not so much.

They’d met in the 18 & Under Boys finals last year, when Hollingsworth came out of a 5-5 tie and won the last five racks in a row to claim the 2021 title. This year, the two battled back and forth through five ties, the last of which set the stage for a double hill last game. Tate took his first lead since being ahead 2-1 when he won the 15th rack that made it 8-7. A tension-filled 16th rack saw them both miss shots that elicited gasps from the assembled spectators. Tate’s miss of the 6-ball gave Landon the chance to run the rest of the balls and he did for the 8-8 tie.

They ran through the final rack pretty quickly and it was Tate who got the first look at the 9-ball, but it was like a galaxy, far, far away. The audience seemed to be literally holding its breath and before he moved into his pre-shot routine, Tate was, too. But he settled into a stance, stroked and banked the 9-ball into a corner pocket to claim the JIC’s 18 & Under Boys title.

(Editor’s note: We’ll be working on expanded coverage of both the International Open and the JIC’s two Championship events, soon. Stay tuned. 

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International Open Advances 16 to Single Elimination Phase

JIC series begins its 18 & Under Boys and Girls Championships 

The winners’ side final 8 has been set for the beginning of the single elimination phase of the International Open’s 9-Ball tournament tomorrow (Fri., Nov. 4). As this report is being compiled (10 p.m., Thursday night), the eight competitors who will advance to the final 16 from the loss side are still competing. If Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz emerges victorious from his match against Bader Alawahdi, the final 16 in the event will contain seven of the top eight finishers (half the field) from the recently-concluded Big Foot 10-Ball Challenge, including Fedor Gorst, who won it and runner-up Joshua Filler.

Also advancing from the winners’ side into the final 16 will be Albin Ouschan, Wictor Zielinski, Jayson Shaw, Konrad Juszczyszyn, Roberto Gomez, and Alex Kazakis.

Already advancing from the loss side are Aloysius Yapp, who (very) recently defeated Jesus Atencio 10-8 and Mario He, who downed Sky Woodward 10-4. Still to be decided were matches between Robbie Capito/Ko Pin Yi, Jonas Souto/Noayuki Oi, Jani Uski/Moritz Neuhausen, Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz/Bader Alawahdi, Ping Chung Ko/Mieszko Fortunski and David Alcaide/Abdullah Alyousef

JIC underway; Boys will play winners’ side final four and 7/8 matches, Girls to play hot seat and quarterfinals

A total of 16 boys (18 & Under) and 8 girls (18 & Under) came to Norfolk to compete in the final events of the 2022 Junior International Championship series. In the course of the eight-event season, which began in January, the competitors amassed points which, at the end of the eighth stop on the series, yielded a ‘top players’ list, which led to invitations to the Championship events for the 18 & Under Boys and Girls. 

Both of those events got underway today, Thursday, Nov. 3. At the end of the day, there were six boys and four girls left. The top two girls in the year-long rankings – Bethany Tate #1 and Sofia Mast #2 – will square off tomorrow afternoon (Friday, Nov. 4; 2 p.m.) in the 18 & Under Girls hot seat match. At noon, Precilia Kinsley and Noelle Tate will square off in the quarterfinals, to be followed by the semifinals at 7 p.m., pitting whoever did not claim the hot seat and the winner of the quarterfinals. The finals are scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 5 at noon.

At 10 a.m., tomorrow morning (Friday), the #2 and #3-ranked competitors from the 18 & Under Boys division – Landon Hollingsworth and Payne McBride will meet in one of the winners’ side semifinals. In the other one, #13 Garrett Vaughan and #15 Justin Maywin will meet. On the loss side, also at 10 a.m., playing in the two 7/8 matches, the #1-ranked Joey Tate will meet the #14-ranked Logan Whitaker.

Of the remaining six, three of them (Worth, McBride & Tate) competed in the International Open’s 9-Ball Tournament, with Brent Worth drawing what was arguably the toughest draw. He faced Hall of Fame German Ralf Souquet in the opening round and then, on the loss side, faced and lost to former junior competitor Chris Reinhold. McBride lost a winners’ side match to one of the semifinalists in last week’s American 14.1 Straight Pool Championship, Mieszko Fortunski and fell to Alecsa Pecelj on the loss side. Tate lost to Abdullah Alyousef on the winners’ side and Sullivan Clark on the loss side.

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Round One of Pat Fleming’s International Open 9-Ball Tournament in the books

Some expected and not-so expected advances highlight Day One of the 128-entrant 9-ball event  


At the level of talent on display at this week’s (Oct. 28-Nov. 5) International Open in Norfolk, VA, it’s hard to single out any one match in the event’s opening round of play and call the result a surprise. One’s reaction to a given result will depend largely on an individual’s perception of the players involved and their own sense of how a match between them would play out. This, in turn, might reveal more about the person being surprised (or not) than it might about the match result.

As a random example from the International Open’s first event of the week, the $10,000-added One Pocket tournament won by T-Rex (Tony Chohan; see story elsewhere in our News). If you haven’t already seen the results, imagine the semifinal match between Sky Woodward and Fedor Gorst, won by Woodward. Surprised? 

Round one of the Open’s $50,000-added, 128-entrant 9-Ball tournament is over. We offer a short and not comprehensive list of matches from the round, and without looking it up through our links to the bracket, pick a winner, find the result and then determine whether it’s a surprise to you. An indication (J) identifies the player as a junior competitor. Results at the end of the report.

Tapei’s Hsieh Chia-Chen vs. Switzerland’s Dimitri Jungo (winner of last week’s American Straight Pool Championships in Virginia Beach)? Jesus Atencio vs. (J) Kashton Keeton? Earl Strickland vs. Taipei’s Hsuan Wei Kuo? Brandon Shuff vs. Russia’s Kristina Tkach, crowned as the Women’s 2022 Straight Pool Champion last week in Virginia Beach? Hunter Lombardo vs. Shane Wolford? BJ Ussery, Jr. vs. Chris Rienhold? Corey Deuel vs. Sharik Sayed? Poland’s Mieszko Fortunski (semifinalist at the Straight Pool Championships) vs. Matt Krah? Vietnam’s Brian Vu vs. (J) Payne McBride? Justin Martin vs. Lukas Fracasso-Verner (former J)? 

Among those whose victories in the opening round were not likely have been a surprise to anybody were: Jayson Shaw’s win over John Francisco, Spain’s David Alcaide (the last piece added to Europe’s Mosconi Cup team puzzle), who defeated USA’s Sullivan Clark 10-6, Sky Woodward’s victory (albeit, double-hill victory) over Italy’s Francesco Candela, Fedor Gorst’s win over Curucao’s Bryan Farah 10-7 and Joshua Filler’s shutout victory over USA’s Christopher Pyle. There are, of course, others who have advanced on the winners’ side, which, for purposes of brevity, we’ll restrict to those not listed above who are among the top 10 in our Money Leaderboard: Spain’s Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz, Greece’s Alex Kazakis, Austria’s Albin Ouschan and the Philippines’ Roberto Gomez.

Among the key matchups highlighting Round Two today (Tuesday, Nov. 1) will be 6 p.m. battles between Alex Kazakis and veteran US competitor Raymond Linares, junior competitor Joey Tate’s matchup against Kuwait’s Abdullah Alyousef, Sanchez-Ruiz versus Justin Martin,  Roberto Gomez against Alex Pagulayan and junior competitor Payne McBride taking on Straight Pool Championship runner-up, Mieszko Fortunski. At 8 p.m., Albin Oushcan will take on Thorsten Hohmann, David Alcaide faces Josh Roberts, Hungary’s Vilmos Foldes will go up against Taipei’s Ko Pin Yi, and the winner of the Strickland/Hsuan Wei Kuo match (revealed below) versus Taipei’s Hsieh Chia-Chen (all 8 p.m.). At 10 p.m., Round Two’s winners’ bracket will continue with Tony Chohan against last week’s Straight Pool Championship runner-up Wiktor Zielinski, Jayson Shaw will meet the winner of the Shuff/Tkach match (revealed below), Ralf Souquet will go up against BJ Ussery, Alex Pagulayan will take on Roberto Gomez and Sanchez-Ruiz will battle Justin Martin. 

(‘Surprise?’ results from above: Junior competitor Kashton Keeton defeated Jesus Atencio 10-6,  Strickland got by Wei Kuo 10-5, Taipei’s Chia-Chen sent Dimitri Jungo to the loss side 10-7, Shuff beat Tkach 10-8, Lombardo over Wolford 10-6. Ussery over Reinhold 10-9, Sayed downs Deuel 10-6, Fortunski gets by Krah 10-7, Junior competitor Payne McBride defeats Brian Vu 10-2 and Justin Martin moves on with a double hill win over Lukas Fracasso-Verner.) 

Fans can watch not only the featured table with full commentary, but also any other table at the event with the Accu-Stats PPV coverage. They can also follow all of the action online with real-time scoring and online brackets all week long.

PPV Coverage
One Pocket Stage One Online Brackets
One Pocket Stage Two Online Brackets
Big Foot 10-Ball Brackets
9-Ball Brackets
Real Time Scoring

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Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz New Nineball World No.1 After Win

Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz (Taka G Wu/Matchroom Multi Sport)

Francisco Sanchez Ruiz is the new Nineball World Number One after clinching the 2022 US Open Pool Championship title beating Max Lechner in the final at Harrah’s Resort, Atlantic City to take home the $50,000 first-place prize.


The Spaniard’s week in New Jersey couldn’t have gone much better finding out earlier on that he would be an automatic pick for the 2022 Mosconi Cup Team Europe side as one of the three players to come from the Live Nineball World Rankings and it ended with a memorable victory in front of a sell-out crowd over Lechner to break the $100,000 mark and overtake World Champion Shane Van Boening at the top.

Sanchez Ruiz was elated with his week’s work: “It is unbelievable how it feels. I feel so happy. Congratulations to Max. Thank you to everyone for the support, I love you guys. It’s the biggest win in my career. There are too many good feelings right now. I received the news of making the Mosconi Cup and it gave me so much. I want to say thank you to my team David Alcaide and Jose Alberto Delgado. It’s an unbelievable feeling, it really is.”

Joshua Filler was eyeing a second US Open, but it wasn’t to be as Eklent Kaçi abruptly ended the UK Open winner’s run in the Last 16. Despite that, Filler has opened up a $17,870 gap over Albin Ouschan at world number four.

Three Austrians now sit inside the top ten in the world with Lechner’s $25,000 winnings taking him from 15th to sixth just behind Mario He and Ouschan. Kaçi’s run in AC to the quarter-finals sees the Albanian break into the top ten whilst Alexander Kazakis, Wiktor Zielinski, and Abdullah Alyousef all had strong weeks to maintain their position inside the top ten.

The Ko brothers have been back in force in recent months after Pin Yi snapped off the APF Asian 9-Ball Open, Ping Chung reached the semi-finals to climb from 73rd in the world to 24th as one of the biggest movers. Poland’s Konrad Juszczyszyn steady year continued as he moved up to 15th and Sanjin Pehlivanovic moved inside the top 20.

2023 promises to be bigger and better for Nineball with the Matchroom provisional schedule revealed for the first time during the US Open. Matchroom’s calendar will begin with the World Pool Championship from February 1-5 before the World Pool Masters from May 6-9 ahead of the second-ever UK Open Pool Championship set to take place in London once again from May 30 to June 4. Both the World Cup of Pool and Premier League Pool will take place in June ahead of the European Open Pool Championship in Fulda, Germany from August 8-13.

The next US Open Pool Championship gets underway from September 25-30 before the Mosconi Cup caps off 2023 in December. See more on the 2023 Matchroom provisional schedule here.

The full Nineball World Ranking Schedule will be revealed in the coming weeks as it promises to offer more opportunities for players to earn their right to the biggest events on the calendar.

All eyes will now turn to the 2022 Mosconi Cup where both Team USA and Team Europe know three of their five-player rosters after Sanchez Ruiz and Ouschan were confirmed for Europe to join Filler. On Jeremy Jones‘ American side Skyler Woodward and Oscar Dominguez were confirmed to be joining Van Boening ahead of both Jones and Alex Lely confirming their two wild card picks.

Fans can expect to hear more soon from both skippers as they confirm their two wild card picks each to complete their sides ahead of the battle commencing in pool’s biggest battle.

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Down To The Final Four At Petrich Open

Eklent Kaci

After a hectic day’s play at the Petrich Arena in southern Bulgaria, we are down to the final four players. With a slightly altered schedule to take into account the start of the European Open, there were four rounds of play on the losers’ side of the bracket, one winners’ qualification round and then the last 32 played down to just four players who will return on Monday afternoon to contest the business end of the tournament.

And it is some of the big names of European pool who will gunning for the trophy as Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz takes on Alexander Kazakis and then Eklent Kaci goes up against Mario He.

For Francisco Sanchez Ruiz, it will be his sixth Euro Tour semi-final in a little over 13 months and he seems to be in unstoppable form going into the last four. He defeated Kuwait’s Abdullah Alyousef 9-5 to secure his berth in tomorrow evenings line-up.

Commented the Spaniard, “It feels so good and I feel so confident, and also so confident with my break which is working and I’m really happy with my performance. I’ll stay focused just on my game and tomorrow is the semi-final and I prefer to take it game-by-game.

“I had a few moments today; against Spasov of Bulgaria, the score was close and also the quarter-final was close. It was 5-5 and in the end I won it but it’s always tough. I’ll be trying my best but my focus is on the semi-final.”

Alexander Kazakis enjoyed a 9-3 victory over Miesko Fortunski to book his last four match against Sanchez-Ruiz, a game he is relishing.

“I’m really happy with my performance. I played four matches today and in all matches I played almost perfect and also, I had all the rolls on my side so you can’t ask for anything else! Francisco is having a great year and it all started for him when he won his first Euro Tour against me in the final last year.

“He won hill-hill and played really well and deserved it and after that he was just smashing everything. But every day is a different day and I’m going to try to do my thing, he’s going to try and do his thing and whoever has the most rolls and plays the best will win.”

It turned into an endurance test for Albania’s Eklent Kaci, who went to the one-loss side after his opening game of the tournament. That meant a busy schedule and today he came through an incredible six matches, capping it with a 9-5 quarter-final win over David Alcaide.

He said, “I was just trying play each match as it came. Six matches are a lot but I just tried to keep it going; win this one, then on to the next one and just keep moving forward. I got a bit sleepy and was travelling around the table just to stay awake. But to be honest I shot good – I made a couple of mistakes through tiredness I think but the important thing is that I’m in the semi-final and playing tomorrow.”

He will be facing Austria’s Mario He who is hoping for his first Euro Tour title since the heady days of 2018 when he triumphed twice that year. He sneaked over the line in his quarter-final match, beating Oliver Szolnoki 9-8.

Commented He, “I’m happy that I’m in the semis but I didn’t play my best game and didn’t break that well. I have to fight with myself a little bit. I feel like I need more motivation and will-to-win. I’m just a little bit easy and not caring too much and that’s usually not who I am. Tomorrow I’m going to try and get myself motivated. I need to improve my break, keep playing good and win my next Euro Tour, hopefully.”

Play continues 17:00 on Monday 8th on one table with the two semi-finals playing consecutively followed by the final at 20:00.

As well as the prize money, there are Tour ranking points on offer as well as world ranking points, so there is everything to play for. All Euro Tour tournaments are 9-ball and players compete in a double-elimination format, playing down to the last 32 competitors, and then single elimination until the finish. All matches are races to 9 racks with alternate break.

All the matches can be viewed live at as well as selected matches on Facebook Live on the EPBF page. In addition, the semi-finals and final, played out on Monday night, will be live or highlights on the following television stations across Europe;

SportKlub HD – Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia,
Bosnia Herzegovina, Greece
Eyecons – Netherlands)
SportKlub – Poland
ORF – Austria
B1B Box – Bulgaria

Results, live scoring and draw are available at

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UK Open Day 3 | Ko Pin Yi First Major Casualty

Ko Pin-Yi (Taka G Wu/Matchroom Multi Sport)

Ko Pin Yi became the first major casualty of the 2022 UK Open Pool Championship at the Copper Box Arena, London live on the Matchroom Pool Facebook and YouTube pages as well as Matchroom.Live as the field edges ever closer to the single-elimination stage.

Live Scores 


It was a packed day in England’s capital as 40 players were sent packing home with the biggest name coming in 2015 World Champion, Pin Yi. The Chinese Taipei star was sent to the Losers Bracket by Luke Garland yesterday and faced a potential three matches on day three to keep his UK Open journey going. Pin Yi beat Craig Brown early on 9-6 but came unstuck to South Africa’s JJ Faul who put on what he described as the performance of his career.

Mieszko Fortunski reached the semi-finals of the World Pool Masters just a few weeks back beating Jayson Shaw along the way and the Pole moved past the Brit once again to keep on the winners’ half of the draw. Shaw faces a stern test tomorrow if he is to keep going with a potential three matches on the agenda to reach the Last 16, first in the form of Jonas Souto Comino of Spain.

Fans were treated to a breathtaking performance by 14-year-old Riku Romppanen who came from 8-4 down to beat Robbie Capito to remain in the competition and meet Skyler Woodward to keep his hopes going. Romppanen’s journey will be one to remember with three wins over his three days but eventually came unstuck to Woodward despite pegging the two-time Mosconi Cup MVP back to 5-5 after Woodward led 5-0. The result leaving Woodward with a match against 2012 World Pool Masters champion Karol Skowerski to reach the Last 16.

Joshua Filler needs only one more win to reach the Last 16, the Killer doing a double on America’s Chris Reinhold and Shane Wolford 9-5 and 9-1 respectively. Filler will come up against Britain’s Luke Rollison, who has battled his way through after overcoming World Pool Championship semi-finalist Abdullah Alyousef 9-7 in a memorable performance. World Champion Shane Van Boening is also in the same position as Filler after beating Juan Carlos Exposito of Spain and legend of the game Ralf Souquet to meet Poland’s Daniel Maciol for a spot in the Last 16 tomorrow.

Thorsten Hohmann will meet Mario He in Winners Qualification tomorrow, after the pair dismantled Alexander Kazakis and Ko Ping Chung 9-3 and 9-1 respectively. The other Winners Qualification match sees Dennis Orcollo up against former World Junior champion Sanjin Pehlivanovic. Orcollo was given a scare against Souto Comino who had gone into a 5-0 lead on the Filipino great. Pehlivanovic meanwhile overcame Nineball World No.5, Max Lechner, in an emphatic fashion 9-2.

The losers’ bracket is stacked ahead of Round 6. One of Francisco Sanchez Ruiz and Alexander Kazakis will learn their fate early on tomorrow as the pair do battle to make Losers Round 7 whilst it will be an all-American affair between Shane Wolford and Oscar Dominguez to keep their hopes alive. Two other 2022 Nineball World Ranking Top 32 players will meet in Alyousef and Marc Bijsterbosch. World Pool Masters runner-up Lo Ho Sum will face Romppanen. Ho Sum getting the better of Pijus Labutis and Denis Grabe on a busy day.

It was strictly business for Albin Ouschan who recovered from defeat to Karol Skowerski on the Winners’ side with victories over Snooker’s Gary Wilson 9-2 and Joao Grillo 9-1 to meet Souquet to keep hopes alive of another Nineball title. Ouschan winning seven racks on the spin to knock out Wilson.

Day 4 Streamed Matches Below From 11:00 am

Table 1 – Matchroom Pool Facebook / Matchroom.Live

Francisco Sanchez Ruiz vs Alex Kazakis (L6)
Jayson Shaw vs Jonas Souto Comino (L6)
Oscar Dominguez vs Shane Wolford (L6)
Joshua Filler vs Luke Rollison (W5)
Shane Van Boening vs Daniel Maciol (W5)

Table 2 – Matchroom Pool YouTube / Matchroom.Live

Ko Ping Chung vs Nicholas De Leon (L6)
Mika Immonen vs Chris Alexander (L6)
Marc Bijsterbosch vs Abdullah Alyousef (L6)
Dennis Orcollo vs Sanjin Pehlivanovic (W5)
David Alcaide vs Mieszko Fortunski (W5)

The final two days are available on Sky Sports in the UK and Ireland, DAZN in the USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland as well as on Viaplay in Scandinavia and the Baltics and various other broadcasters worldwide including Matchroom.Live in relevant countries. See the full where to watch list here.

Tickets start from £15 for the day using the code UKOPEN at checkout. Secure yours here

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Semi-Final Line-Up Complete at 2022 World Pool Masters

Lo Ho Sum (Taka G Wu/Matchroom Multi Sport)

The semi-final line-up for the 2022 World Pool Masters is complete at the Europa Point Sports Complex, Gibraltar live on Sky Sports, DAZN, Viaplay, and Matchroom.Live in selected countries as Lo Ho Sum, Joshua Filler, and Mieszko Fortunski joined Ko Pin Yi in tonight’s finale.

Abdullah Alyousef 6-7 Lo Ho Sum 

Joshua Filler 7-0 Dennis Orcollo

Francisco Sanchez Ruiz – Mieszko Fortunski

Lo found himself 4-1 down to Abdullah Alyousef who had rallied up some early confidence to leave the youngster wondering where his next shot may come on the table in a nervy affair. Alyousef is no pushover on the back of reaching the semi-finals of the World Pool Championship just a month ago, but his rhythm was disrupted in the sixth rack.

Lo had missed the two ball in his first opportunity at the table but Alyousef made a howler of an error on the three ball to put Lo back in who soon made it 4-2. The difference was soon one. In the seventh rack, Alyousef was snookered on the eight ball before making a meal of his effort for Lo to make it 4-3. Both players were making their World Pool Masters debut this week and was soon level for the first time since the start of the match at 4-4. It soon went 5-5 before Lo was first to reach the hill. Alyousef played the six ball with too much spin making the cue ball nestle inside the jaw of the middle pocket offering up a tricky pot on the seven, the Kuwaiti missed allowing Lo to reach the hill.

The miss of the tournament came in the next rack as Lo had the one ball in front of him and the five over the pocket – somehow the one ball avoided the five allowing Alyousef back to the table. Alyousef made him pay for hill-hill. Lo then completed a nervy but deserved victory in the following rack in more routine fashion to book a semi-final spot.

Nobody could’ve predicted how one-sided Filler’s win over Dennis Orcollo would be with the German offering out a donut win over the Filipino great. Orcollo didn’t get any table time with just the one foul in the match being his only contribution. Filler’s states were remarkable and do the storytelling of the contest better than any words.

Fortunski came up against the home favourite Sanchez Ruiz to book a maiden semi-final berth at a Matchroom event and he stood up well to the job at hand. The early exchanges saw the pair share the opening four racks. Neither Sanchez Ruiz or Fortunski could break away from eachother and a scratch on the break in the eighth for Sanchez Ruiz led to Fortunski levelling at 4-4. Into the ninth rack and Fortunski found his stroke with a break and run to make it 5-4 before another in the following rack to be on the hill at 6-4. Fortunski broke well in what proved to be in the final rack but gave Sanchez Ruiz a chance after hooking himself on the four ball. The resulting kick from Fortunski put him safe making it diffcult for Sanchez Ruiz to have a stroke on the four. Sanchez Ruiz made the jump on the four but left the table open for Fortunski to wrap up a huge victory.

The semi-finals and final complete the 2022 World Pool Masters from 5:30 pm UK time with Filler set to face Pin Yi. Lo takes on Sanchez Ruiz.

Sunday 8th May – Evening Session – 5:30 pm UK time – Semi-Finals

Joshua Filler (8) vs Ko Pin Yi

Mieszko Fortunski vs Lo Ho Sum

Final – Race to 9 

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Albin Ouschan Out of 2022 World Pool Masters As Ko Pin Yi Reaches Semis

Albin Ouschan (Taka G Wu/Matchroom Multi Sport)

Albin Ouschan has been knocked out of the 2022 World Pool Masters at the Europa Point Sports Complex, Gibraltar live on Sky Sports, DAZN, Viaplay, and Matchroom.Live in selected countries as Francisco Sanchez Ruiz came from 5-2 down to beat the two-time world champion. 

Last 16

Joshua Filler 7-1 Skyler Woodward

Albin Ouschan 5-7 Francisco Sanchez Ruiz

Quarter Final 1

Max Lechner 2-7 Ko Pin Yi



The evening session began at a canter as Joshua Filler wrapped up a huge 7-1 win over Skyler Woodward in a little over half an hour. On Woodward’s birthday, Filler was the party pooper as he barely got out of second gear on the way to victory whilst his American counterpart faltered. Filler’s golden break in the fourth rack put him 3-1 up before a bad miss cue from Woodward in the fifth rack left Woodward 4-1 down and a mountain to climb. The pair have done battle on countless occasions in the Mosconi Cup, and it was Filler on this occasion who was getting the better of Woodward with a merciless showing. 

Sanchez Ruiz had the home crowd support on his mission to reach the quarterfinals but faced Ouschan who was looking to bounce back from defeat to Shane Van Boening in the World Pool Championship back in April. It was a cagey opening affair as both Ouschan, and Sanchez Ruiz scratched on their respective breaks as it moved to 1-1. 

Ouschan put daylight between him and Sanchez Ruiz after winning the third and fourth racks to leave the Spaniard with work to be done. Sanchez Ruiz was locked out for large parts of the early exchanges as Ouschan locked him up in deep safety battles. The Austrian had his eyes on the quarterfinals as he led 5-2 with Sanchez Ruiz yet to put his stamp on the match but at that point things turned. Ouschan’s break left the cue ball tight on the eight with a rough angle on the one and it was from then Sanchez Ruiz took full advantage and make it 5-3. Into the next rack and Ouschan had the opportunity to reach the hill but unusually he missed a bank on the seven to give Sanchez Ruiz another bite of the cherry and go one behind. 

There was a real momentum swing in the arena as Sanchez Ruiz rallied back to reach the hill first at 6-5 with a flawless rack before completing a comeback at 7-5 to send the local crowd into rapterous applause. 

The first quarter-final of the tournament rounded off the night with Nineball World No. 5 Max Lechner meeting Ko Pin Yi who had already overcome brother Ping Chung and David Alcaide in the competition. Lechner struggled to get a hand on the table as Pin Yi continued to break effortlessly to move into an early 3-0 lead. Lechner though has become difficult to beat and he got back-to-back racks to make it only 3-2. That was Lechner’s last say on matters though despite only missing one ball all match. Pin Yi broke and run in 71% of his racks making 2.7 balls on average in the process. The Chinese Taipei’s performance arguably flawless making 98% of his pots and breaking and running in six of his even racks. Pin Yi will play in the first semi-final tomorrow evening against either Dennis Orcollo or Filler.

The quarter-final stage continues tomorrow afternoon from 12:30 pm UK time with Abdullah Alyousef meeting Lo Ho Sum. Filler’s reward for beating Woodward as mentioned is Orcollo. Mieszko Fortunski will take on Sanchez Ruiz. The semi-finals will take place tomorrow evening before the final which is a Race to 9.

Sunday 8th May – Afternoon Session – 1:00pm UK time – Quarterfinals

Abdullah Alyousef vs Lo Ho Sum

Joshua Filler vs Dennis Orcollo

Francisco Sanchez Ruiz vs Mieszko Fortunski

Sunday 8th May – Evening Session – 5:30pm UK time – Semi-Finals

Ko Pin Yi/Max Lechner vs Dennis Orcollo/Joshua Filler

Francisco Sanchez Ruiz/Mieszko Fortunski vs Abdullah Alyousef/Lo Ho Sum

Final – Race to 9 

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Ko Pin Yi Shines in Win Over Alcaide at 2022 World Pool Masters

Ko Pin-Yi (Taka G Wu/Matchroom Multi Sport)

Ko Pin Yi downed David Alcaide to reach the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Pool Masters at the Europa Point Sports Complex, Gibraltar live on Sky Sports, DAZN, Viaplay, and Matchroom.Live in selected countries as Mieszko Fortunski and Abdullah Alyousef also made their way through to the next stage.

David Alcaide 3-7 Ko Pin Yi

Aloysius Yapp 4-7 Mieszko Fortunski

Naoyuki Oi 3-7 Abdullah Alyousef



Pin Yi was up against two-time winner Alcaide and the former world champion didn’t seem too fazed by his opponent’s credentials as he amassed a 5-0 lead. Alcaide was glued to his chair after initally winning the lag, but the Spaniard scratched on the break. The following racks were a clinic in breaking by Pin Yi as the 32-year-old’s game gathered pace. There was a route back into the Race to 7 for Alcaide in the sixth rack when Pin Yi found himself with nowhere to go on the two ball. A brief safety exchange later, Pin Yi looked to be closing in to make the hill but a simple miss on the seven was the gift Alcaide needed to get on the board at 5-1 but with still plenty to do.

For Alcaide, there was a routine run out in the seventh to be three behind but fully aware of Pin Yi’s stronghold on the game. Alcaide broke in the eighth but missed the bank on the one ball and made it safe somewhat. That proved to be Alcaide’s downfall though as Pin Yi hooked Alcaide who ended up fouling on the 9 when trying to kick his way out of trouble onto the one. In the process, leaving a 1-9 combo on for Pin Yi to reach the hill which he duly obliged. The drama wasn’t done in this contest yet though as Pin Yi scratched in the following rack on the break to allow Alcaide back in to 6-3. Alcaide missed a simple one to the middle pocket in the next rack and from there Pin Yi secured his victory and a place in the quarter-finals.

Fortunski has already had a blistering week after victory over Jayson Shaw to reach the Last 16 and he doubled up to beat US Open runner-up Aloysius Yapp 7-4 to book a maiden quarter-final birth in Gibraltar against either Albin Ouschan or Francisco Sanchez. Yapp took the opening rack with a golden break but soon Fortunski field back to lead for the second time at 3-2 with a confidence-boosting the fifth rack that saw the Pole bank the one ball like a Bugatti Veyron off the start line. Fortunski comes to Gibraltar trying to replicate what compatriot Karol Skowerski did ten years ago in winning the World Pool Masters. Yapp seemed to struggle at times with the table conditions but made it 3-3 and put Fortunski back under it. The 2022 World Cup of Pool is not too far away where Fortunski will be flying the flag for Poland and with some supporters in the arena, they saw him reach the hill first at 6-4. On the hill, Fortunski played a delightful 3-6 combo on his way to another mammoth win for the Butcher.

Alyousef is loving life now after a run to the semi-finals of the World Pool Championship, the Kuwaiti received an invite to the World Pool Masters for the first time and he made haste of Niels Feijen yesterday. He goes by the name of Solid Gold and Alyousef kept his wonderful year going with a win over one of the pre-tournament favourites Naoyuki Oi to reach the quarter-finals 7-3. In truth, the pair struggled at the table and a string of errors caused problems for both. Alyousef though was holding his own in the pivotal turning points in the contest. At 1-1, both missed tricky nine ball opportunities before Alyousef struck to lead at 2-1.

The fourth rack was messy with the six, seven, and nine all locked up in the bottom right corner. After Oi made both the six and seven in one shot with a lovely shot, the Japanese man missed the nine and Alyousef led 3-1. Alyousef made the three ball and six as it hung over the pocket but left the cue ball teetering on the edge of the jaw leaving a tough kick on the four ball. Oi put pay to Alyousef’s error to make it a one rack difference. That did prove to be Oi’s last rack though as Alyousef came through to wrap up a 7-3 win.

The remaining Last 16 contests start the Evening Session in Gibraltar as Joshua Filler gets his World Pool Masters campaign underway against Mosconi Cup rival Skyler Woodward before Austria’s Albin Ouschan meets Francisco Sanchez Ruiz and Max Lechner gets the quarter-final action going in a meeting with Ko Pin Yi of Chinese Taipei.

Saturday 7th May – Evening Session – Last 16 / Quarter Final 1 – 5:30pm UK time

Joshua Filler (8) vs Skyler Woodward

Albin Ouschan (3) vs Francisco Sanchez Ruiz

Quarter Final 1

Max Lechner (5) vs Ko Pin Yi

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Van Boening And Kazakis Out of 2022 World Pool Masters

Shane Van Boening (Taka G Wu/Matchroom Multi Sport)

Newly crowned World Champion Shane Van Boening and Defending Champion Alexander Kazakis are both out of the 2022 World Pool Masters at the Europa Point Sports Complex, Gibraltar live on Sky Sports, DAZN, Viaplay, and Matchroom.Live in selected countries after losses to Lo Ho Sum and Dennis Orcollo, respectively.

Alexander Kazakis 0-7 Dennis Orcollo 

Max Lechner 7-2 Dimitri Jungo

Shane Van Boening 6-7 Lo Ho Sum



Kazakis came into the contest on a high after a run to the quarter-finals of the World Pool Championship last month and a whitewash win in last year’s final over Shane Van Boening but the Greek was rooted to his chair as Orcollo rallied at a canter to the quarter-finals. It was a clinic from Orcollo who has now won 14 racks in a row after coming from 4-0 down behind in his afternoon Preliminary Stage match with Eklent Kaçi. Kazakis’ opportunities were few and far between and he missed a big one in the fourth rack after losing the cue ball off the six, he failed to get any position on the eight and clear up the rest of the rack. At 4-0 down, Kazakis missed the five ball when looking to cut it in the top right corner and that was then Orcollo 5-0 up and two away from victory. From then on, Orcollo breezed into the quarter-finals where he will play the winner of Joshua Filler and Skyler Woodward.

Max Lechner is appearing in his second World Pool Masters after making his debut last year and started his campaign against Dimitri Jungo who had overcome Mario He in his preliminary clash on Thursday evening. Lechner headed into the tournament as the No.5 seed off the 2022 Nineball World Rankings and it was justified as he raced into a 6-0 lead before Jungo put on a fight to get two on the board at 6-2 but it proved to be too little too late for the Swiss as Lechner wrapped up the last rack.

Van Boening faced a tricky Last 16 clash with Lo who had beaten Denis Grabe in his opening encounter on Thursday. It did seem to be business as usual for Van Boening who led 2-1 but breaking in the fourth, the American went in off and Lo made it 2-2. Lo plays out of Hong Kong, China and soon the former Junior World medalist was 4-2 ahead and only looking up as Van Boening faltered. Van Boening was trying his best to get into it at 4-3 but he missed a full-length effort on the two to open up the table for Lo who then led 5-3. Lo broke and run in the ninth rack to be on the hill, but the contest was far from done in the following rack after Lo missed the 5 along the rail with only the seven and nine left up on the table. Van Boening got back in to make it 6-4 and soon 6-5 to make it a tense finale.

Fans were treated to the best of Van Boening as he made a comeback for the ages in Milton Keynes at the World Pool Championship, and he lived up to his reputation to force the first hill-hill finish of the week. Van Boening cracked in the last rack though with a scratch early on before Lo came back to secure a historic victory. Van Boening struggled to break and run losing the rack on four occasions where he broke.

The Last 16 continues from 1 pm Central European Time with defending two-time champion David Alcaide meeting Ko Pin Yi who beat brother Ping Chung earlier today. Jayson Shaw‘s conqueror faces US Open runner-up Aloysius Yapp before Abdullah Alyousef takes on the majestic and always unpredictable Naoyuki Oi of Japan.

Saturday 7th May – Afternoon Session – Last 16 – 12:00pm UK time

David Alcaide (4) vs Ko Pin Yi

Aloysius Yapp (6) vs Mieszko Fortunski

Naoyuki Oi (7) vs Abdullah Alyousef

Saturday 7th May – Evening Session – Last 16 / Quarter Final 1 – 5:30pm UK time

Joshua Filler (8) vs Skyler Woodward

Albin Ouschan (3) vs Francisco Sanchez Ruiz

Quarter Final 1

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