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Poteet goes undefeated to win his first GSBT stop

Shannon Daulton, Devin Poteet and Trey Frank

Devin Poteet stopped a five-match, loss-side winning streak by Trey Frank to complete an undefeated run on the Great Southern Billiard Tour on the weekend of August 9-10. The $1,000-added event, which drew 41 entrants to Shore Thing Billiards in Myrtle Beach, SC, was Poteet's first win on the tour.
Frank was already at work on the loss side, when Guy Faulk, who'd sent him there, faced Jamie Lowery in a winners' side semifinal. Poteet met up with Junior Faircloth in the other. Lowery sent Faulk over 6-2, as Poteet advanced to the hot seat match 6-3 over Faircloth. Poteet defeated Lowery 6-3 and sat in the hot seat, awaiting Frank.
Frank, who'd defeated Adam Towery 5-4, and Ken Cagle 5-3, missed his chance at a re-match versus Faulk by drawing Faircloth.  Faulk drew Chandler DeGuzman, who'd gotten by Steve Girardi and David Tootle, giving up only rack to each of them. DeGuzman did another 4-1 number on Faulk, as Frank was defeating Cagle 5-3.
Frank downed DeGuzman in the quarterfinal 5-3 and then dropped Jamie Lowery into third place 5-4. Poteet ended Frank's loss side run with a first-set, 6-3 win in the finals.

Moore goes undefeated, stopping loss-side challenge by Townsend to win Tiger SE Open stop

Stevie Moore

Stevie Moore successfully worked his way through a field of 27, on-hand for the Saturday, December 7 stop on the Tiger Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour, but not before being challenged by Scotty Townsend, who came from deep on the loss-side to meet him in the finals. The $1,000-added event was hosted by Game Land Billiards in Albany, GA, which added $235 to bring the top prize to $1,000.
Moore was among the final four winners, and faced Denny Singletary in one of the winners' side semifinals. Don Cossart met up with Stoney Stone in the other. Moore got into the hot seat match with a 9-5 victory over Singletary, as Cossart sent Stone over 9-7. Moore downed Cossart 9-5, claiming the hot seat.
On the loss side, Townsend was working his way back, defeating James Parr and tour director Tommy Kennedy to draw Singletary.
"Scotty was really playing well," said Kennedy. "The best I've seen him play in two years."
Stone, in the meantime, drew Jesse Middlebrooks, who'd gotten by Randy Jordan and Adam Towery. By identical 7-4 scores, Townsend and Stone eliminated Singletary and Middlebrooks, and squared off in the quarterfinals. Townsend then dropped Stone into fourth place 7-5, and completed his loss-side run with a 7-3 victory over Cossart in the semifinals. 
It was, by this time, getting late. By mutual agreement, Townsend and Moore opted out of playing a final match, choosing to split the top two prizes, leaving Moore as the undefeated title winner.
Tour director Kennedy thanked Bo Nelson and the staff at Game Land Billiards for their hospitality and the added money. He also thanked sponsors Tiger Products, J. Pechauer Custom Cues, Mueller Recreational Products, Chris Nitti Custom Cues, Chris Hightower of Cue Man Billiards, David Adams of Byron, GA and Simonis Cloth.