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Team Austria eliminates Team Sweden in an exciting thriller

Lechner, Ouschan, He (Austria) and Weiss, Sparrenloev-Fischer and Azar (Sweden)

In an exciting and thrilling encounter, Team Austria defeated Team Sweden in the Men’s team quarter-final at the Dynamic Billard European Pool Championships 2019 in Treviso, Italy, with 2:1.
Before the match, Team Austria consisting of Albin Ouschan, Mario He and Maximilian Lechner was the favourite to win the match. Team Sweden with Christian Fischer-Sparrenloev, Adrian Weiss and Senharip Azar was the clear underdog. However, the course of the match was different to what the expectations were. All three matches were quite close. Mario He was up against Fischer in 9-ball, Ouschan played Weiss in 10-ball and Lechner fought with Azar in 8-ball. All matches went quite even. When Fischer pocketed the final 9-ball to win 9:6 over Mario He, Lechner was on the next table pocketing the 8-ball to win his match 8:5. The intermediate score was 1:1 in the match and the 10-ball was the decider- Since Ouschan and Weiss both played quite slow, the tournament management decided to bring a shot-clock in. The scoreboard displayed 5:5 at the time. Ouschan managed to get another rack and led 6:5. Weiss tried to level the match again but he allowed Ouschan  back to the table and the Austrian took the rack, getting on the hill with 7:5. Austria only needed one more point for the victory. Adrian Weiss was far from giving up. He played rock solid and used his chances and got to 6:7. Rack 14 brought the decision. Weiss was clearing the table and played some enormous shots to run the rack but he missed an easy 9-ball in the corner pocketed. The audience, especially the Swedish fans were shocked. It looked like Weiss could have made the match a hill-hill thriller but with this mistake, he lost this chance. Ouschan pocketed the two remaining balls and took the match with 8:6. That brought the 2:1 victory to Team Austria.
The other tram results were Team Spain winning 2:0 over Team Czech Republic, Team Poland defeating Team Germany with 2:0 and Team Russia won 2:1 over Team Portugal. The semi-finals are Spain versus Poland and Austria against Russia. They will be played on Monday evening at 18:30 with the finals to be played at 20:30 CET.
In the women’s team competition, the team semi-finals will be played between Portugal and Russia and Germany versus Poland.
The Dynamic Billard European Championships 2019 for men, women, U23 and wheelchair athletes will commence tomorrow morning at 09:00 CET with matches in the 9-ball individuals competition in the Men’s and Women’s division.
The Championships are played on 24 tables which are all streamed LIVE throughout the whole event. In order to be able to follow all the action LIVE, premium membership can be obtained at Once a premium membership is held, all events for the respective period of time can be viewed LIVE. Additionally, a huge video gallery is contained in the website.
The event is hosted by the European Governing Body for Pool, the European Pocket Billiard Federation (EPBF) and organized by International Billiard Promotion (IBP). For further information and reference please go to the federation website or visit us on Facebook for regular news clips or contact our press office