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Bauccio goes undefeated to take J. Pechauer Ride the 9 Tour stop in RI

Kevin Bauccio chalked up his first 2012 event victory with an undefeated showing at the J. Pechauer Ride the 9 Tour stop on Sunday, March 11. The event drew 28 entrants to Bo’s Billiards in Warwick, RI.

From among the winners’ side final four, Bauccio faced Bill Bassi, as his eventual finals opponents, Scott Reynolds, squared off against Roarke Dickson. Bauccio sent Bassi west 6-3, and got into the hot seat match against Dickson, who’d defeated Reynolds 5-4. Bauccio got into the hot seat with a 5-4 victory over Dickson, and waited for Reynolds to complete a three-match streak on the loss side to meet him in the finals.

First up for Reynolds on the loss side was Ty Speedwell, who’d defeated Tony Ruzzano 5-4 and Jeff Darosa 6-3 to reach him. Bassi drew Tim Hoffacker, who’d gotten by Jamie Forcier 4-2 and Bob Mills 4-3. Reynolds dropped Speedwell into the tie for fifth place with a handicapped 5-5 win, and in the quarterfinals, met Hoffacker, who’d ended Bassi’s tournament bid 4-2.

Reynolds then defeated Hoffacker 5-3, to pick up a re-match versus Dickson in the semifinals. He gave up only a single rack against Dickson and moved into the finals against Bauccio. Bauccio gave up only two against Reynolds, completing his undefeated day with a 5-2 win.

Tour director Gloria Magnano thanked the owners and staff at Bo’s Billiards for their hospitality, as well as sponsors J. Pechauer Custom Cues, Cueshark, Mueller’s, Magic Rack (CSI), Narragansett Beer and 9-Ball (The Movie). Next stop on the J. Pechauer Ride the 9 Tour, a $600-added event, is scheduled for April 22 at Snooker’s in Providence, RI. According to Magnano, nearly a third of the field has already registered for this event, and she recommends that interested players should communicate with her ( to assure a spot. 

Wright wins eight on the loss-side to take J. Pechauer Ride the 9 Tour stop

Over his final seven matches on the J.Pechauer Ride the 9 Tour stop on Sunday, February 12, David Wright won (on average) over three out of every four games he played. All but two of those matches were recorded on the loss-side of the tournament bracket. The final two were the two sets of a double elimination final, in which he defeated Mike Selig to capture the event title. The $600-added event, named in the honor of Cleiton Rocha, drew 54 entrants (including Rocha) to Snookers, in Providence, RI.

Wright, a C+ player, was moved to the west bracket early in this one; by Dave Bowden, who eventually followed him over, though he managed to dodge Wright’s revenge, when he was knocked out during the matches that decided the tie for seventh place. Moving among the winners’ side final four were Selig, Jordan Emerson, Rob Ragusa and Billy Lanna. Selig sent Emerson to the loss side with a handicapped 4-4 win, as Ragusa did likewise to Lanna 3-3. Selig got into the hot seat with a shutout over Ragusa.

It was Emerson who moved over and ran into a streaking Wright, already with five notches on his loss-side belt, including wins over Bill Bassi and Josh Lerner, both 5-2. Lanna picked up Ty Speedwell, who’d defeated Josh Gormly 5-1 and shut out Bowden to reach him. Wright shut out Emerson to move into the quarterfinals and was joined by Lanna, who’d downed Speedwell 5-2.

Wright had six, loss-side wins behind him at this point. He chalked up # 7 with a 4-2 victory over Lanna, and completed his trip to the finals with a 5-2 victory over Ragusa in the semifinals. Over the next 13 games, which comprised the two sets of the double elimination final, Wright gave up only two racks (one in each set) over Selig to secure the event victory.

Tour representatives thanked the ownership and staff of Snookers in Providence for their hospitality, as well as new players who joined the tour for this event. They also offered thanks to Narragansett Beer for sponsorship of the event and their contributions to the prize money, as well as co-sponsors J. Pechauer Cues, CueShark, Muellers, and Magic Rack (CSI).