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Gagane gets by Dennis twice to win Lucasi Hybrid NE 9-Ball Tour stop

As it turned out, the second time was a little easier than the first. Brandon Gagane met up with Bob Dennis twice during the April 15th stop on the Lucasi Hybrid New England 9-Ball Tour. Though Gagane prevailed both times, Dennis battled him to double hill in their first meeting, and came within a rack of double hill in their finals matchup. The event drew 18 entrants to Sneaky Pete’s Billiards in Windham, ME.

As Gagane was busy sending Dennis west double hill from among the winners’ side final four, fellow Brandon (Cole) was doing the same to Nick Conner 5-6 (Conner going to 8). Gagane then downed Cole 4-4 (Cole going to 6) and sat in the hot seat awaiting Dennis’ return.

Dennis began his loss-side, three-match march to the finals with a 6-2 victory over John Morrison, who’d defeated Stan Rupard 4-4 (Rupard going to 6) and Chad Avalone, double hill, to reach him. Conner drew Gary Columbie, who’d gotten by John Washington 5-2 and Fred Dechaine, double hill. Dennis dropped Morrison 6-2, as Columbie survived a double hill contest against Conner. 

Dennis then defeated Columbie 6-3 in the quarterfinals, and took Brandon Cole out, double hill in the semifinals. With Dennis going to 6 again, Gagane kept him a rack short of a second straight double hill match against him with a 4-4 win that secured the event title.