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Jorge Teixeira Wins First Career Joss Tour Stop

Jorge Teixeira (Photograph by Erwin Dionisio)

They say that pool is a young man’s game, and they are right for the most part. On the other hand, after a 10-year break from the game to play online poker, Connecticut’s Jorge Teixeira says he is playing the best pool of his life and he backed that claim up with a win at the Joss NE 9-Ball Tour stop at Salt City Billiards on Jan 21st and 22nd. 
Teixeira, born in Portugal but now a resident of Connecticut, was just one of the 46 players to pony up their entry fees to compete in this event, but he cruised through the winner’s bracket with Saturday wins over Jason Hall, Tony Antone, Bruce Nagle and Geoff Montgomery. Teixeira came out strong in his Sunday morning match, scoring a 9-2 win over Jose Mendez. One 9-6 win over Jeremy Sossei later, and Teixeira was sitting in the hot-seat awaiting an opponent. 
On the one loss side, Sossei took on Spencer Auigbelle. Auigbell had dropped a match to Dave Grau late Saturday night but bounced back with four wins on the left side of the board on Sunday. Auigbelle would settle for third place, though after a quick 9-3 loss to Sossei. 
Sossei kept his strong play going and avenged his loss to Teixeira 9-5 in the first set of the finals. The second set was a different story, though with Teixeira scoring the 9-6 for his first career Joss NE 9-Ball Tour win. 
Fifty-four year old Teixeira credited his new table at home and his practice regimen for the win. “After I started back up, I learned how to practice better. Winning that tournament meant a lot to me only because of my age and the hard work paid off. It was the best pool day of my life.” said Teixeira. He continued “Right now I'm playing the best pool of my life because of my work ethic. I know I’m going to improve even at 54 because I believe I’m doing the right kind of practice. It's a challenge vs my self. That's the only reason I play pool.”
The second chance tournament brought back fifteen players on Sunday with Hendrick Drost taking the hot-seat with a 3-2 win over Jamie Garrett. Garrett then beat Brian Lipes 3-1 to earn another shot at Drost in the finals. Garrett would get his revenge with a 3-1 win over Drost in the first set of the finals, but it was Drost with an identical 3-1 win in the second set to earn first place. 
The Joss NE 9-Ball Tour will be at Sharpshooters Billiards in Amsterdam NY on February 18th – 19th for their next stop, another $1500/$500 added event. 

Montgomery goes undefeated on Dishaw Custom Cues CNY Tour

Geoff Montgomery was one of only two, double-A players, on hand for the Saturday, March 31 stop on the Dishaw Custom Cues CNY Tour. He validated his rank with an undefeated, five-match run through a short field of 13 entrants who’d signed on for the event, hosted by Salt City Billiards in Syracuse, NY.

Opening round victories over Bud Moore and Adam Osborne put Montgomery among the winners’ side final four, matched up against John Guffey. Wayne Harding and Darryl Osborne joined them. Montgomery defeated Guffey 8-2 and moved into the hot seat match versus Harding, who’d sent Montgomery’s eventual finals opponent west 6-4. Harding put up a fight and battled Montgomery to double hill (8-5; Harding going to 6) before being sent to the semifinals.

Osborne moved over to the loss side to pick up Tim Davis, who’d defeated Brian Lipes 7-6 (Lipes going to 8), and Ron Ince 7-3. Guffey drew Joe Giancarelli, who’d shut out Moore, and eliminated the only other double-A player, J.B. Brotherton, 7-3. Guffey defeated Giancarelli 6-1 and in the quarterfinals, faced Osborne, who’d survived a straight-up, race-to-7 match, double hill against Davis.

Osborne dropped Guffey into fourth place 7-3 for a re-match against Harding in the semifinals. Harding had won a decisive match against him in the winners’ side semifinal, 6-4 (Osborne, an A-player, going to 7), but fell considerably short in the re-match. Osborne gave up only a single rack against Harding to earn a shot at Montgomery, sitting in the hot seat. Montgomery completed his undefeated day, securing the event title with an 8-4 victory.

Tour director Gary Lloyd, Jr. thanked Salt City Billiards owner, Joe Speach and his staff, as well as sponsors Dishaw Custom Cues, Cue Shark, TotalPoolInfo, and Custom Logo, USA.