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Herring double dips Top, moves to the top of DFW 9-Ball Tour standings

Carl Bodeker, Daniel Herring & Tony Top

The logjam at the top of the Dallas-Ft. Worth 9-Ball Tour standings at the end of the second stop was broken up this past weekend, March 20-21. Going into the $1,500-added event that drew 78 entrants to Stixx & Stones Billiards in Lewisville, TX, there were three competitors at the top of the tour standings, all with 200 points – Jalal Alsarisi and Jeff Sullivan, winners of the 1st and 2nd stops on the tour, respectively and Robbie Cleland, who’d finished in the tie for 13th in the opening stop and 4th in February. Daniel Herring, though one of the five members among the top 10 on the tour to have, at this point, competed in all three events, had started slow, finishing in the tie for 25th the first time out in January and then, 4th last month. He jumped to the head of the line when he came from the loss side to double dip Tony Top in the finals of the third stop.

After being awarded an opening round bye, Herring’s path to the winners’ circle went through Dustin Hammock, Chris Gaither, Trevor Oullette, and Norman Small to arrive at a winners’ side semifinal match against Carl Bodecker. Top, in the meantime (also with an opening round bye), defeated Jimmy Fujimori, Donnie Gregory (double hill), Ruben Flores and Jorge Villareal to arrive at his winners’ side semifinal versus TJ Davis.

With Davis racing to 9 in their matchup, Top advanced to the hot seat match 8-7. Bodecker survived a double hill battle that sent Herring to the loss side and then followed him over, when Top claimed the hot seat 8-4.

On the loss side, Herring opened his campaign against Eric Smith, who was working on a four-match, loss-side winning streak that had recently included victories over Villareal 7-1 and a double hill win, in which he’d come from 8-0 down to defeat the higher-ranked James Davee 7-8. TJ Davis drew Greg Sandifer, who’d lost a winners’ side quarterfinal match to Bodecker and then downed Phillip Autieri 8-3 and Norman Small 8-5.

Davis downed Sandifer 9-3 and in the quarterfinals, faced Herring, who’d eliminated Smith 8-3. Herring came out strong against the one-point-higher-ranked Davis and allowed him only four racks to win it 8-4, which, in turn, gave Herring a rematch against Bodecker in the semifinals.

Though Herring was the one-point-higher-ranked competitor in that semifinal rematch, he came out just as strong, and allowed Bodecker only two racks to earn his spot in the finals 8-2. In the first set of the true double elimination in a straight-up race to 8, Herring chalked up another 8-2 win. Top got five in the second set, but it wasn’t enough, as Herring completed his run 8-5.

The event’s top finishing competitors at three ranking levels and three top finishing Ladies took home $60 prizes. Chouie Almora and Veronica Perez split the $60 as the last Level 4 competitors standing. Jorge Villareal was the last Level 5 and Darrell Smith was the last Level 6. Three women split the Ladies prize – Monica Anderson, Veronica Perez and Chouie Almora.

Tour representatives thanked the ownership and staff at Stixx & Stones Billiards for their hospitality, as well as title sponsor CueTec and Associate title sponsor Fort Worth Billiards Superstore. The DFW 9-Ball Tour will be at Snookered Billiards and Bar in Frisco, Texas next month, for a $1,500-added event, scheduled for the weekend of April 17-18.

Abismo wins double elimination final to stop Gutierrez and go undefeated on Omega Billiard Tour

Daniel Herring, Denny Sneed, Friday Abismo and David Gutierrez

Back in June, after a somewhat protracted absence from the pool scene, Houston’s David Gutierrez returned to the fold, so to speak, to win the sixth stop on the Omega Billiard Tour, going undefeated through a field of 85. Two and a half months later, on the weekend of September 9-10, at the ninth stop on the tour, Gutierrez rebounded from a loss on the winners’ side to challenge Friday Abismo in a true double elimination final. They battled to double hill, twice, with Gutierrez winning the first set and Abismo winning the second to claim the event title. The $1,700-added event drew 92 entrants to Speed’s Billiards & Games in Arlington, TX.
Abismo navigated his way through five winners’ side matches against Jesse Wilcoxson, Kiengchay Phoutthavong, Mark Szabo, Viet My and Steve Raynes to arrive at a winners’ side semifinal match against Daniel Herring. Gutierrez, in the meantime, won three winners’ side matches, against James Thorpe, Robin Barbour and Tony Top before being sent to the loss side 5-5 by Charley Elders (Gutierrez racing to 9). Elders followed him over when he was defeated by Juan Parra, who moved into the other winners’ side semifinal against Denny Sneed.
Abismo defeated Herring 7-2, as Sneed sent Parra west 7-1. Abismo claimed the hot seat 7-4 over Sneed and waited for Gutierrez to complete the seven-match, loss-side winning streak that would put him into the finals against Abismo.
On the loss side, it was Parra who drew Gutierrez, four matches into his sloss-side streak, having most recently downed Jersey Jack Lynch 9-5 and Oscar Araujo 9-3. Herring picked up Carl Bodeker, who’d been sent to the loss side by Sneed in a winners’ side quarterfinal and defeated Viet My 7-5 and Tony Sulsar 7-4.
Gutierrez defeated Parra  9-4, and in the quarterfinals met up with Herring, who’d eliminated Bodeker 8-5. Gutierrez was gaining momentum at this juncture, and took the quarterfinal match 9-3 over Herring. He got his shot at Abismo in the hot seat with a 9-2 win over Sneed in the semifinals.
Abismo was granted two games on the wire in each of the two matches against Gutierrez in races to 9 for the double elimination final. Both matches went double hill, with Gutierrez winning the opener 9-8. Abismo kept battling and took the second set 9-8 to claim the event title.
Tour director Melinda Bailey thanked the ownership and staff at Speed’s for their hospitality, along with sponsors Michael Hoang of OMEGA Billiards Supply, and OB Cues. The next stop on the Omega Billiard Tour, scheduled for October 14-15, will be a $1,700-added event, hosted by The Hideaway in Dallas, TX.

Greg Sandifer Wins Again at Fifth Omega Billiards Stop

Greg Sandifer, Carl Bodker and Kirit Patel

On the weekend of May 30-31, the Omega Billiards Tour was honored to play at a new location, Fox and Hound in Dallas, Texas.   With two large separate areas to play in, great food, wonderful atmosphere, and great staff, the Omega Tour players already can’t wait to play here next year.  Shout-out to Zach and all the staff for making us feel so welcomed!  
Who would win this event? On Sunday – there were a lot of new faces vying for first place, and some familiar.    There would be SEVERAL highest-yet high finishes by many players.  In the end, recently crowned BCAPL Texas State Champion, Greg Sandifer, would eventually win the $,1,500-added event with 80 players.
Greg Sandifer had his hands full all weekend and defeated James Dye 7-0, Gary Pope 7-4, Robert Kempf 7-3, Curtis Cardwell 7-5, Carl Bodeker 7-0 and then Kirit Patel 7-4 for a spot in the finals.  Who would Greg play in the finals?  Carl Bodeker!  Carl’s good luck charm was in attendance (his daughter) and it gave him additional drive and focus.  Carl defeated Joseph Pruitt 7-2, Ethan Townsend 7-2, Monica Anderson 7-0, Crispian Ng 7-5, and  Nick Conner 7-1 before getting sent to the one-loss side by Greg.  
From there, Carl didn’t give up and he defeated Crispian Ng 7-4, Curtis Cardwell 7-2, and Kirit Patel 7-5 for a spot in his first finals on the Omega Billiards Tour! 
In 9th-12th places, Bobby Martinez, Kyle Rowland and Steve Singleton placed their highest finish yet on the Tour!  They were joined by Anthony Schaeffer.  7th/8thwas filled by Jake Hulsey (local cuemaker and also his highest finish yet) along with 2014 Tour Champion, Nick Conner.  5th/6th was filled by Crispian Ng and Ricky Carpenter (his highest finish, also).  4th place was filled by Curtis Cardwell who was the one who took down most of the higher ranked players all weekend.  He placed his highest finish so far on the tour also.  And not yet done – Kirit Patel placed an impressive 3rd and he also placed his highest finish yet.  And with Carl in the finals – it was already his highest finish yet on the Omega Tour, as well!  
Carl won the first set in the finals against Greg 7-4.  Carl was playing great!  While Car’s daughter might have been in attendance, Greg’s son had a birthday that weekend and therefore he also had inspiration.  Greg played fantastic the second set and came back to win the entire event with a score of 7-5 in the second set of the finals!  Both players played really good in the finals and it was a treat for all the fans who were there watching their impressive play.  
Congrats’ to ALL the players for a great event!
A HUGE thank you goes out to our sponsors Omega Billiards Supply, Predator Cues, Poison Break Cues, BCAPL/CSI, and Lucasi and Players Cues.  We would also like to give a big thanks to our additional sponsors, Hulsey Custom Cues, OB Cues, Irving Ink and Thread, Pro Billiard Service,, Billiards Digest, and
After five stops this year, Daniel Herring remains in first place on the Predator Player Points Tracker with 530 points.  Greg Sandifer is close behind with 475 points and Crispian Ng remains in third place with 345 points.  It’s a tight points race for the end of season Predator prizes!  And four more stops to go!  
Tournament Director Melinda Bailey would like to thank Fox and Hound owners and staff for their awesome hospitality all weekend!   They worked hard to get the place ready for all the players.  
A big thank you also goes out to Michael Hoang, main sponsor of the Tour and owner of Omega Billiards Supply in Hurst, TX.  Michael and Omega Billiards Supply are well known for the huge booths at many of the large tournaments across the country. 
The next stop of the Omega Billiards Tour will be June 27-28 at Rusty’s Billiards in Fort Worth, Texas.  $1,500 added and limited to 64 players.   Still 4 more stops left before the $4,500 Season Finale!  Pool is alive and thriving in Texas!   Check out the website for more details:
And follow the brackets live online at:

Jeff Franklin Nabs Top Spot at Omega Billiards Tour First Stop of 2014

Mike Voelkering, Jeff Franklin and Steve Raynes

On the weekend of January 11-12th, Jeff Franklin from Sherman, Texas claimed the top prize on the 2014 Season Opener of the Omega Billiards Tour at Rusty’s Billiards in Arlington, TX.  Jeff captured that first place spot by going undefeated through a field of 80 players!     
Over $9,500 was given out in monies and prizes this weekend! (Tourney payouts + prizes + player’s auction.)  
After a bye, Jeff defeated Don Denman and then got by 2014 Tour Champion Tony Sulsar 8-6.  On Sunday, Jeff defeated Jerrell Eason 8-4, Viet My 8-5, and then slid by Daniel Herring hill-hill to have a spot in the hot-seat.  Jeff would defeat Steve Raynes 8-3 in the hot-seat match before waiting to see who he would play in the finals.  
Mike Voelkering started out with a bye on Saturday morning and then defeated Nick Conner and Carl Bodeker to last until Sunday on the winner’s side.  On Sunday morning, Mike sent Robert Reighter west along with Chad Walker before barely losing to Steve Raynes hill-hill.  
Mike then worked his magic on the one-loss side, taking care of John Plumlee 7-1, then prevailing in a hill-hill match against Daniel Herring to get another shot at Steve Raynes.  Mike would win 7-5 to secure his spot in the finals against Jeff.  Jeff was still on fire though and even though Mike put up a great fight, Jeff prevailed with great play with a score of 8-5 to win his first Omega Tour stop!!  
Jeff earned $925 for First Place and Mike earned $530 for Second Place (his second time in a year!).  Steve had another fantastic tourney placing 3rd place again (just in the Season Finale a month before) and earned $400, Daniel Herring rounded out the top 4 with $340 for his great play (payouts do not reflect the Player Auction).  
Congratulations to ALL of the players for their fine play and great finishes!
This event was the Omega Billiards Tour’s Season Opener with $1,500 added with 80 players!!  The Predator Player Tracker is back on and the top three players at the end of the year will win a plethora of Predator Prizes!  Six more stops to see who gets all the Predator products!  Further, fourth through eighth places at the end of the year rankings will each receive a free entry into the 2015 BCAPL Nationals!  
A HUGE thank you goes out to Predator Cues, BCAPL/CSI, and Lucasi and Players Cues.  We would also like to give a big thanks to our additional sponsors, OB Cues, Irving Ink and Thread, Pro Billiard Service, Wallace Custom Cues,, and
Tour Director Melinda Bailey would like to thank Rusty’s Billiards and their awesome staff for their great hospitality all weekend!  A big thank you also goes out to Michael Hoang, main sponsor of the Tour and owner of Omega Billiards Supply in Hurst, TX.  Michael and Omega Billiards Supply are well known for the huge booths at many of the large tournaments across the country. 
The 2014 Omega Billiards Tour calendar is already set with 6 more stops and a Season Finale.  The second stop will be held at the Billiard Den in Richardson, Texas February 22-23, 2014!  Each stop is limited to 80 players (an increase from 64) and the monies guaranteed added has increased to $1,500 for each stop!!  Pool is alive and thriving in Texas!! 
The 2014 Schedule is online and payments can be received via the Omega Tour website.
Thank you to all the players, fans, sponsors and pool rooms!!!