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Linda Shea Scores First Break Win

On the weekend of May 5-6, 2012, the J. Pechaurer Northeast Women’s Tour (JPNEWT) headed to First Break Cafe in Sterling, VA. First Break Cafe is a new venue added to the JPNEWT tour schedule. After dominating the East Coast Regional Tour Championship, the JPNEWT ladies had another opportunity to earn a paid spot in the upcoming 2012 WPBA US Open in Tulsa, Oklahoma. For this event, $1000 was added and drew twenty-one ladies to battle it out on diamond tables.

On day one, the winner’s bracket was dominated by Linda Shea and Megan Smith. On day one, Shea put a stop to Cindy Haefner 7-2, Nicole Vincent 7-1, Sharon O’Hanlon 7-5, and Pauline Mattes 7-2. Meanwhile, Smith took care of Cheryl Pritchard 7-1, Ji-Hyun Park 7-0, Nicole Nester 7-5, and a hill-hill victory over Tricia Tennant 6-5.

Day two began with Linda Shea vs Megan Smith from the winner-side and from the 1-loss side Briana Miller vs Tricia Tennant and Cheryl Squire vs Pauline Mattes (earlier defeated Kathy Friend 7-3, Cheryl Squire 7-5, and Eugenia Gyftopoulos 7-3). Linda win over Megan 7-4 put her in the hot seat. From the b-side, Briana eliminated Tricia7-2 while Pauline did the same against Squire 7-4. Mattes swept through Miller 7-1 putting her in the semi-finals against Smith. Megan wasted no time to get a second chance at Shea in the finals as she defeated Pauline 7-2. Down to the finals as Shea held firm to form, preventing a modified race to 9; she defeated Smith 7-5 to win this event.

Other top finishers were Megan Smith, Pauline Mattes, Briana Miller, Tricia Tennant, and Cheryl Squire. Although Mattes finished third, she accepted the qualifier spot to the US Open; she will represent her home pool hall, First Break Café. Another notable mention is Tricia’s first time in the money since joining JPNEWT. Congrats to a job well done ladies.

The JPNEWT thanks all the players, spectators, and viewers for supporting ladies in pool. A special thank you goes out to our sponsor J. Pechauer Custom Cues. Last but not least, thank you First Break Cafe and Pauline Mattes for sponsoring this great event! First Break’s venue, service, staff and food were great!