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Team Europe Runs Rampant and Closes In On Victory Over Team USA

Jayson Shaw (Taka G Wu/Matchroom Multi Sport)

Team Europe 9-5 Team USA

Jayson Shaw 5-2 Chris Reinhold
Shaw/Filler 5-2 Woodward/Styer
Eklent Kaçi 5-3 Shane Van Boening
Ouschan/Alcaide 5-1 Van Boening/Styer
David Alcaide 5-4 Jeremy Jones

Team Europe put in a dominant display to thump the USA 5-0 on the third day of the 2021 Cazoo Mosconi Cup to take a 9-5 lead going into the final day of action at Alexandra Palace, London, and only two away from retaining the title.

Jayson Shaw kept up his 100% record in singles action by dispatching the USA’s Chris Reinhold 5-2 to open the session. A break and run in the first rack set the tone of the match as the Eagle Eye started to build up steam and pull Europe back level at 5-5.

Shaw came into the 2021 Cazoo Mosconi Cup as the 2020 Predator MVP and the Scotsman joined forces with Joshua Filler for the first doubles match of the evening against the USA’s two stars of day two in Skyler Woodward and Tyler Styer. Shaw and Filler have become a formidable duo over the years as a doubles pairing and it was no different as they ran out 5-2 winners to put Europe back in the lead. Styer struggled at times as Filler went on to break in the last rack as Europe ran the rack to take control of the cup.

Eklent Kaçi delivered a huge European point against Shane Van Boening coming from 3-1 down to defeat the USA Vice Captain 5-3. The Albanian scratched in the fifth rack but within a few shots he was back at the table in what was ultimately the tide turning in the contest as Van Boening left the five hanging in the pocket gifting Kaçi his second rack. Van Boening got his angles wrong in the following rack with only three balls left on the table scratching as he cut the seven ball in for Kaçi to pull level. From there, Kaçi, playing in his fourth Mosconi Cup, won the next two racks to seal victory with a fluke 3-9 combo in the last rack.

Van Boening’s luck on day three was summed up in the opening rack of his doubles encounter with Styer against Albin Ouschan and David Alcaide as he played the six ball down the rail only for it to rattle back and put the USA 1-0 down. The fans had yet to see much of World Champion Ouschan and Alcaide, but they put on the performance of all performances clearing up for a 5-1 win and put Europe 8-5 up and three away from the title.

2019 World Pool Masters Champion Alcaide completed the whitewash session for Europe against the USA’s Captain Jeremy Jones to wrap up the evening in dramatic fashion. Jones led Alcaide at 4-3 when the Spaniard forced a final rack which is when one of the racks of a generation unfolded. Jones and Alcaide were locked in an intense safety battle with the experience of one pocket and three-cushion on strong display from both players when a fatal error was made by Jones. The American had already used his extension earlier in the rack when with only four balls left on the table, he asked for the cue ball to be cleaned, only to run out of time and give Alcaide ball in hand to secure Europe’s 5-0 session win.

“The first two days were rough. We got schooled. They showed us how to play smart and how to play with heart, so we had two reality checks on day one and that wasn’t enough. On day two, we got away with it by winning the last match. From there, we took over momentum, we are very relieved and very proud,” said Alex Lely, Europe’s Captain.

“The commitment and not taking anything for granted. There was a realisation that the Mosconi Cup is a different atmosphere. It’s about bottle, heart, and courage and doing it when you’re out there and being ready to get out in the arena. And if you’re not ready, everyone can get caught by the pressure.”

“I was lying awake until 5 am, which doesn’t usually happen, I had so many things to think about and maybe some things I started out telling the guys this morning I felt like I had made a mistake. I spoke out about some things where I felt we lacked and where I felt America was showing us how to do it. I said all that. I said listen, if we talk about going to war, if you really go to war, you look into each other’s eyes, Karl and I left the room and we expected them to talk. That helped. They spoke amongst each other; the leadership is now inside the group and not outside it.”

“It was a beautiful rack. There was a lot to learn in just that one rack. JJ has been around the block a couple of times; he made some great shots but Alcaide responded brilliantly.”

“I want them to be clinical and disciplined and get the job done.”

The 2021 Cazoo Mosconi Cup is Pool’s biggest rivalry as Europe and the USA meet over four days in a race to 11 points broadcast live on Sky Sports in the UK and networks worldwide including DAZN in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Spain, and Viaplay in Scandinavia, the Baltics, and Poland. Final day begins at 6 pm UK time tomorrow. Find out where to watch in your country here.

The 2021 Cazoo Mosconi Cup is partnered by Rasson Billiards who supplies the Official Table; the cloth is supplied by Iwan Simonis and Aramith is the Official Ball Provider. Predator is the Official Cue of the event, Kamui the Official Chalk and Tip, and Onboard Sportwear provide all Mosconi Cup apparel. Cazoo is the official title sponsor of the 2021 Cazoo Mosconi Cup.

USA Take Slender Lead At 2021 Cazoo Mosconi Cup

Team USA’s Skyler Woodward (Taka G Wu/Matchroom Multi Sport)

Team Europe 4-5 Team USA

Fans’ Choice Singles Match – Jayson Shaw 5-3 Shane Van Boening
Albin Ouschan 3-5 Skyler Woodward
Ouschan/Shaw 4-5 Van Boening/Woodward
Joshua Filler 3-5 Tyler Styer
David Alcaide/Eklent Kaći 5-4 Chris Reinhold/Jeremy Jones

Team USA take a slender one-point lead going into the third day of the 2021 Cazoo Mosconi Cup at Alexandra Palace, London at 5-4.

Van Boening raced into a quick two-nil lead breaking and running in the opener to set the early tone for the American. The USA vice-captain found himself having to cut the seven to run out the third rack after getting back to the table, but he failed to do so putting Shaw on the board at 2-1. Shaw was gifted the fifth rack which saw him hit the front for the first time in the match after Van Boening had scratched off the break leaving the Eagle Eye to clear up.

No sooner had Europe established a lead, the USA responded with Skyler Woodward downing World Champion Albin Ouschan despite the Austrian’s best efforts including making five off the break in the fourth rack at 2-1 down. Woodward was gifted an opportunity in the fifth rack after Ouschan left the one ball in the jaws of the pocket as it rattled around. The American tide was coming as Woodward rallied making a 2-9 combo to put him on the hill at 4-3 before closing it out for a huge point as Woodward avenged his World Pool Championship quarter-final defeat to Ouschan from earlier this year.

Ouschan and Shaw joined forces against Van Boening and Woodward in what promised to be an eyewatering third match of the evening and it proved to be just that as the Americans edged it in a hill-hill finish. The shot of the match came in the seventh rack as Woodward banked the three-ball slotting it between the seven and the eight and his delight was shown with a yelp of ‘BOOM’ and ‘MONEY’. The USA were pumped and fought off a late European charge to put the USA back in front at 4-3.

Tyler Styer’s first encounter of the night came against the imperious Joshua Filler where the contest ebbed and flowed before Styer got a tight grip on things to win 5-3. Filler made a 5-9 combo to level at one-all after the German left a brutal safety for Styer to contend with which eventually caused the ball in hand that gave Filler the leveler. The third rack was one of the most dramatic of the cup so far as Styer looked to be at ease at the table before missing the eight ball on three separate ocassions before it rolled into the centre pocket on the third attempt to lead 2-1. Styer rode his luck at times but made the most of it pulling through to get the better of Filler and give the USA a guarenteed lead going into day three.

David Alcaide and Eklent Kaçi mounted a huge comeback from 4-1 down to defeat USA Captain Jeremy Jones and Chris Reinhold to close out the last session of the day. Jones’ experience was proving to be vital for the USA duo as he took Reinhold under his wing to race into a 3-0 lead. At 3-1, Kaçi left the two-ball hanging in the pocket after cueing over the rail handing the USA a chance to be on the hill. Reinhold found himself at the table with only four balls left on the hill, but it proved to be a costly miss on the five ball to pull Europe to hill-hill. That moment proved to be the USA’s last say on the match as Alcaide and Kaçi pulled off the comeback of the evening.

“We dodged a bullet again. We were looking to go 6-3 behind but Reinhold missed the ball and Alcaide and Kaçi showed a lot of heart and spirit and snatched that set away. We are now trailing; we lost the session which hurts. We’re under the gun and we really need to step it up tomorrow,” said Europe Captain Alex Lely.

“Albin was having a hard time. It shows you what the Mosconi Cup can do to a payer in a race to five. There’s a lot of heat out there and today Albin got caught by that. When Filler came in, we were hoping we could pull it back and get some momentum in our corner. There were some rolls for Tyler, but he played well. When the session is lost and then in the last match our two boys come out against Chris and JJ. Without disrespecting Chris and JJ. We were really hoping and expecting them to get it. Chris and JJ played some good shots and put them under the game. They had the win in their hands. They bottled it and we capitalised on that. It’s the sort of momentum and big point that you hope to capitalise on.”

“It’s very pleasing anytime you win the session. That’s the goal each day. You must be happy. Underdog favourite doesn’t matter in the Mosconi Cup. We’re happy with the win. The talent level that kid (Skyler Woodward) has, not only the talent, but he also doesn’t always express it a lot, he is very knowledgeable when it comes down to pressure and when it comes to the shot. What I should do at the time meaning him, he knows. Last year we lost a lot of hill-hill matches and lags. We turned that around already.” said Jones.

The 2021 Cazoo Mosconi Cup is Pool’s biggest rivalry as Europe and the USA meet over four days in a race to 11 points broadcast live on Sky Sports in the UK and networks worldwide including DAZN in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Spain, and Viaplay in Scandinavia, the Baltics, and Poland. Action continues at 6 pm UK time tomorrow. Find out where to watch in your country here.

The 2021 Cazoo Mosconi Cup is partnered by Rasson Billiards who supplies the Official Table; the cloth is supplied by Iwan Simonis and Aramith is the Official Ball Provider. Predator is the Official Cue of the event, Kamui the Official Chalk and Tip, and Onboard Sportwear provide all Mosconi Cup apparel. Cazoo is the official title sponsor of the 2021 Cazoo Mosconi Cup.

2021 Cazoo Mosconi Cup Finely Poised After Day One

Both Mosconi Cup Teams with referee John Leyman (Taka G Wu/Matchroom Multi Sport)


Team Europe 2-5 Team USA
Ouschan/Kaći 4-5 Styer/Reinhold
Joshua Filler 5-2 Shane Van Boening
Alcaide/Shaw 5-0 Woodward/Jones

Team Europe and Team USA will head into day two of the 2021 Cazoo Mosconi Cup all square at two-all after the opening day of action at Alexandra Palace, London.

Team USA spearheaded by Jeremy Jones and Shane Van Boening took the opening team match in convincing style to settle any early nerves. Van Boening led by example with a break and run in the opening rack before Jones put a two-rack buffer between the two teams in the fourth rack. Europe struggled early,  as the USA pounced on errors and it was left up to two-time MVP Skyler Woodward to seal the first point of the tournament with the standout shot coming as he rifled in the one ball.

Jones called on Tyler Styer and Chris Reinhold in the first doubles match of the tournament and faced off against Albin Ouschan and Eklent Kaçi as it was decided in unbelievable fashion with things poised at hill-hill. The fourth rack was where momentum turned though, Kaçi left Ouschan tight on the rail with only three balls left on the table, and he failed to put away the seven. In truth, Europe struggled, and their woes continued in the last rack as Ouschan and Kaçi got their playing order mixed up leaving the USA to race into a 2-0 advantage overall.

Joshua Filler was making his Alexandra Palace debut despite it being his fourth Cazoo Mosconi Cup. The German has had many battles already though in that time against Team USA vice-captain Shane Van Boening and this match was going to be no different with the first rack going to the wire as Filler’s eight ball wiped its feet leaving the cue ball right in the pocket before he potted the nine.

The biggest reaction from the crowd on the night came in the fourth rack as Filler made the first golden break of the tournament as the seven kicked the nine ball in to put the Killer into a 3-1 lead. Europe Captain Alex Lely was wax lyrical about Filler’s capabilities in his programme notes and that the Killer ‘breathes fire’ and that assessment came true as he delivered an inch-perfect seven ball the full length of the table en route to a 4-2 lead. The 2021 World Cup of Pool champion completed a 5-2 victory in the following rack with a routine runout.

Europe seemed to garner confidence from Filler’s showing as David Alcaide and Jayson Shaw joined forces against Jones and Woodward and it proved to be the most emphatic result of the night in a 5-0 rout to make it 2-2 overall on day one. Shaw and Alcaide rallied with the pair coming out their shell in the second rack as Shaw delivered the shot of the night on the six. The Scotsman fired the six in the heart of the pocket before taking the cue ball up two rails to give Alcaide the ideal angle on the seven.

“I am happy we can say it’s 2-2 now because it looked for a little bit that it could get out of hand. Josh got his win over Shane that kicked us into gear. Alcaide and Shaw played a hell of a match. It’s a lot like last year when we were looking to go down after a shirt foul and we ended up winning that session. We were looking to start well and start better than last year but we didn’t succeed but we ended up doing well so that’s important,” said Lely.

“What he (Filler) did well was knowing the importance of the match. He wasn’t feeling super comfortable. He showed grit and heart and endured the pressure. When he clinched the victory, we could all see how didn’t milk it but took it all in, he loves it.”

Lely: “There’s relief (in the European camp). The Americans played well they had us under the gun and they responded. We look forward to tomorrow.”

Jones was happy with his side’s first day: “You can put the greatest team America has ever had and 2-2 is fine on day one. You can’t win ir or lose it on day one, but you do not want to let things get out of hand. Shane and Skyler did their thing. Skyler came with a great out under pressure in the first match. It was good to see them get some table time.”

“We feel good. As far as things are, I think we will stick to what we have on paper. I have a feel for the table. One thing I must do is be honest with myself because I am playing myself now. Going into day two is feeling good,” added Jones.

The 2021 Cazoo Mosconi Cup is Pool’s biggest rivalry as Europe and the USA meet over four days in a race to 11 points broadcast live on Sky Sports in the UK and networks worldwide including DAZN in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Spain, and Viaplay in Scandinavia, the Baltics, and Poland. Action continues at 6 pm UK time tomorrow. Find out where to watch in your country here.

The 2021 Cazoo Mosconi Cup is partnered by Rasson Billiards who supplies the Official Table; the cloth is supplied by Iwan Simonis and Aramith is the Official Ball Provider. Predator is the Official Cue of the event, Kamui the Official Chalk and Tip, and Onboard Sportwear provide all Mosconi Cup apparel. Cazoo is the official title sponsor of the 2021 Cazoo Mosconi Cup.

Chris Reinhold Completes Team USA

Chris Reinhold has become the final player to join Jeremy Jones’ Team USA side for the 2021 Mosconi Cup, Alexandra Palace, London, December 7-10.


Reinhold made his debut last year in Coventry, England, and joins Skyler Woodward, Earl Strickland, Tyler Styer, and vice-captain Shane Van Boening on Jeremy Jones’ side.

The Californian has been finding his feet in the professional ranks and will work closely with Jones over the next month to get ready alongside his teammates ahead of flying to London for the 27th edition of the Mosconi Cup.

“I am really excited. I have always wanted to experience a real Mosconi Cup with fans. I feel like I play better with fans there and the added pressure. Everyone who has made the team have told me it’s like nothing else. I am going to practice and be ready to go,” said Reinhold.

“I feel like I played well last year given the circumstances playing on a real slick table and even though there were no fans there, there would be pressure when you’re playing for your country, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am looking forward to it. I think my best version of me will be there in December. When you’re growing up you watch the Mosconi Cup and other big tournaments but none compare to the Mosconi Cup. I want to win for my co9untry. It’s bigger than you just playing in a tournament, you are playing for your whole country.”

“I am as proud as I can be. I will show a lot of heart. My best game will be out there.  Win or lose I will not be thinking about losing. Win or lose I will come back stronger no matter what.”


Ticket prices start from £30.00 per session with a whole host of ticket options available including VIP and new for 2021, Platinum VIP+ where fans can get up close table side at Alexandra Palace and experience a backstage tour hosted by a Mosconi Cup legend. There will be a limited amount of restricted view tickets available from £20 on a day ticket basis.

A range of ticket packages are available including a Season Ticket giving you access to all the action from only £105. We are also offering the full Mosconi experience with our VIP and Platinum VIP+ tickets which includes a meet and greet with one player from each team per day as well a whole host of other benefits including premium padded seating for extra comfort on the front row tables, a two-course buffet dinner, and unlimited drinks*.

See the Mosconi Cup in style with our exclusive VIP packages



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Diamond Las Vegas Open Down to Final 32 Players

Things weren’t looking so good early on in Shane Van Boening’s Friday night match against Chris Reinhold.

The five-time United States Open 9-Ball champion had just completed an error-infested first set, as Reinhold turned a missed 9 ball and a scratch by his opponent into a 4-0 whitewashing. Needing to win the second frame in order to force a match-deciding shootout, the South Dakotan caught a break in the first rack when his opponent misplayed a safety on the 2 ball. Van Boening made the most of his opportunity, winning four of the next five racks then surviving the sudden death frame to remain undefeated in this weekend’s Diamond Las Vegas Open at the Rio All-Suites Hotel.

After clearing the table in the second set’s opening rack, Van Boening used a victorious safety exchange in the next rack and a misplayed 6 ball by Reinhold in the third game to increase his lead to 3-0. Reinhold, who competed with Van Boening on the United States Mosconi Cup team last year, stole a game back on a safety battle of his own and appeared positioned to cut into the deficit more in the fifth game, but scratched when he drew the cue ball into the corner pocket while trying to secure position on the 3 ball.

Van Boening was perfect in the shootout, pocketing four consecutive balls while Reinhold landed three out of four of the sudden death spot shots.

The South Dakotan is one of 16 competitors who remain undefeated in the four-day, 128-player event – which was reduced to 32 players by the end of competition last night. The format now switches from double-elimination to a single-elimination knockout phase, with brackets redrawn as the 16 contestants from the winner’s side are matched with the 16 remaining players on the one-loss side. The competition resumes today at noon local time with the champion crowned later this evening.

Also remaining undefeated is Dennis Orcollo of the Philippines, who has spent the better part of 2021 traveling the United States and gobbling up paydays in every regional event he can find – most recently taking home top honors in the Texas Open’s one pocket division and placing second in the 9-ball competition.

The Filipino’s mastery remained on display Friday night against Thorsten Hohmann, taking advantage of a handful of unforced errors by his opponent to secure a straight sets victory, 4-1, 4-2. After trading the first two games, Orcollo took advantage of a miscue from Hohmann to clear the table and take the lead, then used a victorious safety exchange and a missed jump shot by his opponent to close out the opening set. The following frame would mirror the first, with Orcollo taking advantage of a couple of unforced errors from Hohmann, who rebounded on the one-loss side with a victory over Sharik Sayed.

Joining Orcollo among the ranks of the undefeated is fellow Filipino Carlo Biado, who used masterful cue ball control to defeat reigning World Pool Masters champion Alex Kazakis in straight sets. The former World 9-Ball champion used a victorious safety battle and a pocketed 10 ball on the break to jump out to a quick 2-0 advantage, then took advantage of a Kazakis scratch and missed shot in back-to-back games to close out the set. In the following frame, the Filipino swerved the cue ball around an obstructing 10 ball to pocket the 7 ball in the corner pocket, then followed with a sharp cut on the 8 ball to build a 2-0 advantage. He then broke-and-ran twice – including pocketing four balls off the break in the fourth rack – to close out the match and advance to the round of 32.

Also remaining undefeated are Arizona Open quarter finalist Edgie Geronimo, who defeated Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz, and World Pool Championship runner-up Omar Al Shaheen, who upset reigning Mosconi Cup Most Valuable Player Jayson Shaw.

The Diamond Las Vegas Open is a proud part of the CueSports International Expo in Las Vegas. The CueSports International Expo is also home to the BCA Pool League World Championships, USA Pool League National Championships and numerous industry exhibitors. The 11-day billiard extravaganza attracts more than 6,000 pool players from around the world, consumes 150,000 square feet, and uses over 300 Diamond pool tables with the goal of always providing the greatest pool experience in the world.

This event also is the second stop of the U.S. Pro Billiard Series, which features five open professional events between July and the end of the year. Created by Predator Group and amateur league operator CueSports International, these tournaments will run in tandem alongside of CSI league amateur events being held throughout the country. The winner of each competition receives a guaranteed spot in the $100,000-added 2022 Predator World 10-Ball Championship, which will be held March 28 through April 1 in Las Vegas at the Rio.

This competition is played on Diamond Pro-Am pool tables covered with Predator Arcadia Performance Cloth, with Predator Arcos II balls, and under the Predator Arena billiard lights. Kamui and Omega Billiard Supplies are also partners of the event.

For the latest information on the U.S. Pro Billiard Series action, follow @ProBilliard Series on Facebook and Instagram, and WorldBilliardTV on YouTube.

Fans can follow this event online with online brackets at and free streaming coverage of select matches at

Atencio’s Win Over Kiamco Highlights Diamond Las Vegas Open Day One

Jesus Atencio

Day one of the Diamond Las Vegas Open finished up with very few notable upsets. 

One of the big matches of the day on Wednesday saw Jesus Atencio trailing Warren Kiamco in the second set, after having already lost the first set to the Filipino legend. Atencio dug deep though, and forced a “spot shot shoot out” that he won, to send Kiamco to the one loss side early. Atencio’s reward for that win was a match against Chris Reinhold on Thursday evening. 

Clay Belvoir’s win over Danny Olson was one upset that took place on Wednesday. Belvoir will face Taipei’s Kun Lin Wu in the second round on Thursday. 

With the event scheduled right before the Predator World 10-Ball Championship, it is no surprise that the field is full of top talent, and Thursday will bring any number of marquee matches for the fans to follow. A sampling of those matches includes Fedor Gorst vs David Alcaide, Corey Deuel vs Billy Thorpe, Skyler Woodward vs Darren Appleton, Johann Chau vs Denis Grabe and Tony Chohan vs Jung-Lin Chang.

Fans can follow this event online with online brackets at and free streaming coverage of select matches at

Reinhold hangs on in double elimination final to win Stop #6 on Cuetec DFW 9-Ball Tour

Chris Reinhold, Chase LaFerney and Robert Clark

Mosconi Cup competitor, ‘Chris Robinson,’ adopts stepfather’s name and wins on Father’s Day

There are a couple of story lines beyond the always-obvious winner and loser information that is interconnected with this past weekend’s 6th stop on the Cuetec DFW 9-Ball Tour (June 19-20). One, related to Father’s Day and the other, related to an 11-match, loss-side winning streak that almost snatched victory from the proverbial jaws of defeat.

The name in the top headline may or may not be familiar to you. Chris Reinhold may be more familiar to you as a member of the USA’s 2020 Mosconi Cup team, when he was known as Chris Robinson. In a Facebook message, posted on Father’s Day, presumably as he was competing on the Cuetec DFW 9-Ball Tour, Robinson announced that, going forward, he would be Chris Reinhold.

In the post, Reinhold noted that he had been raised by his stepfather, Jarod Reinhold, and that he had made him “the man he (was) today.”

“You name it, he was there for me,” he wrote. “In my eyes, he’s my real father. I couldn’t have asked for a better role model or father figure and I’m forever grateful.”

“This,” he went on to explain, “is the reason why my name is Chris Reinhold! It means the world world to my family, who raised me, and also, to myself.”

He then went out and on Father’s Day, won the $1,500-added 9-ball tournament that had drawn 88 entrants to Snookered in Frisco, TX. He had some words in his Facebook pages about that, too.

“I was playing with aggression, passion and confidence,” he wrote in a later post. “The past few months have been rough/trying mentally for me and my pool game.”

“I found the spark for pool again (at a) junior clinic at Sandites Billiards in Oklahoma,” he added. “I saw myself in all of them (and) it re-ignited (the) passion that I’d been lacking the past few months.”

While the results, however it had turned out, would not have altered anything about what he said, his trip to the winners’ circle took a single-loss detour in the opening set of the event’s true double elimination final, when Robert Clark, at the tail end of a 10-match, loss-side winning streak, defeated Reinhold to force a second set. Reinhold took up the gauntlet, so to speak, and won the second set to claim the event title that he’ll forever remember as his first as ‘Chris Reinhold.’ 

Reinhold probably experienced a few anxious moments at the outset as he faced “good friend” Sargon Isaac in the opening round and found himself down 8-3, racing to 9. He won six straight to win it, and then, downed Juan Parra, Eric Smith, Fahad Alwari and Matt Wilson to draw Robin Barbour in one of the winners’ side semifinals. Chase LaFerney, in the meantime, after an opening round bye, defeated Darrell Smith, JP Kinman, Ruben Flores and Joe Pelayo to pick up Jordan Gartenberg.

Reinhold moved into the hot seat match following a 9-1 victory over Barbour. Ferney joined him after surviving a double hill match versus Gartenberg. Reinhold claimed the hot seat 9-2 over Ferney and watched, as Clark continued and eventually completed the loss-side run that would put him into the finals.

On the loss side, it was Gartenberg who drew Clark, seven matches into his loss-side run that had most recently eliminated the tour’s top-ranked competitor, Daniel Herring 8-5 and shut out Ruben Flores. Barbour, who’d originally sent Herring to the loss side after a double hill, winners’ side quarterfinal battle, picked up Brandon Sizemore, who’d defeated Greg Sandifer, double hill, and Jesse Hernandez 7-5 to reach him.

Barbour and Sizemore battled to double hill before Barbour advanced to the quarterfinals. Clark joined him after chalking up loss-side win #8 over Gartenberg 8-4. Clark then eliminated Barbour 8-3 and then effectively dashed any hopes Chase LaFerney may have been entertaining about a rematch versus Rienhold, by shutting him out in the semifinals.

Given Reinhold’s performance up to and including his claim of the hot seat, it’s unlikely that Clark caught Reinhold by surprise in the opening set of the true double elimination final. Clark did, though, come into those finals with that hard-to-define boost of momentum from winning 10 straight. It helped him to an 8-6 victory in the opening set. Reinhold defeated him 9-5 in the second set to claim the event title, his first in almost exactly two years, when he won the 7th Annual Cole Dickson 9-Ball Tournament on the weekend of June 29-30, 2019.

Tour representatives thanked the ownership and staff at Snookered for their hospitality, as well as title sponsor Cuetec and Fort Worth Billiard Superstore. The next stop on the Cuetec DFW 9-Ball Tour, scheduled for the weekend of July 24-25, will be hosted by Rusty’s in Arlington, TX.

The 25th Jay “Swanee” Swanson Memorial 4k Added 9-ball Tournament Showcases Big Heart in Las Vegas

Corey Deuel and Shane Van Boening

A full field of 64 strong players came out to Griff’s in Las Vegas over the weekend of April 10th & 11th to compete in “The Swanee”. “The Swanee” is short for the Jay “Swanee” Swanson Memorial Tournament, and Griff’s hosted its 25th event.

The event attracted several stand out up and coming pros, and legendary road warriors that competed in the double elimination 4k added 9-ball tournament.  The event was free to spectators and available to view on live stream by a professional stream with commentary by BBTV via Griff’s Facebook page.

“Swanee” the player was a legendary, larger than life character who was known as the best player out of San Diego and one of the best in the nation. A towering “Gentle Giant” who was all heart and loved the excitement of competition and followed the action. The legend of Jay “Swanee” Swanson was huge. Unfortunately, “Swanee” had to quit the game after his doctor discovered that he had an enlarged heart and ultimately even he couldn’t contain it.

His legacy continues, and legends reflect back on great road stories and memories like Johnny Archer who respected how he always practiced hard and took the game seriously. After this weekend, even more new players will continue his legacy in remembering and participating in the 2021 Swanee. This event was run by Tim Kovacs and KPP (Kovacs Pool Promotions) and hosted by Mark Griffin, Gary Lutman and Griff’s staff.

All players played one another even with no jump cues allowed. Races to 8 on the winners side and races to 7 on the one-loss bracket. The finals was a race to 11 games. (The player had to win by two games, and if it went to 15-15, the match went to sudden death)

The event drew big names in the game, like Shane Van Boening, Vilmos Foldes, Warren Kiamco, Oscar Dominguez, Chris Robinson and Corey Deuel. The field was filled with a super strong field of talent with big heart.

Talent was deep in the field with 33 players rated 650 or higher with 17 over 700. On paper, Shane Van Boening came into the event as the favorite with an 817 Fargo.

It would be Shane’s old Mosconi Cup teammate, pro Corey Deuel who would stand out by going through the field to the hot-seat undefeated. Corey defeated Sergio Rivas, Oscar Dominguez, John Kocela, Nick De Leon, Danny Olson and Chris Robinson to earn his seat in the finals.

James Cabal, Daniel Sardoncillo, Manny Perez and Oscar Dominguez played solid finishing 9-12th.

Nick De Leon and Chris Lulek, both from team Arizona, had outstanding performances finishing 7-8th. Vilmos Foldes played outstanding throughout the event and knocked Chris Lulek out of the tournament 7-4, before running into a buzzsaw in Shane Van Boening on then TV table, losing 7-1.

Nick De Leon lost a well fought match against one of the favorites, Warren Kiamco, 7-4.

Warren was playing superb pool Saturday and all day Sunday before coming up short in a hill-hill thriller, getting defeated by the “South Dakota Kid” Shane Van Boening 7-6.

Shane would play another Mosconi Cup player, Chris Robinson, on the TV table for a chance to play Corey Deuel in the finals. Shane outperformed Chris in compelling fashion 7-3.

The stage was set, with all eyes on two top American players who have both represented the United States of America on one of pool’s largest stages – the Mosconi Cup. Both players embody all of the characteristics that “Swanee” would be proud of. Both of these players can play the game at the highest level and have heart, big heart.

In the finals…

All eyes were on the final match on the TV table… Corey Deuel vs Shane Van Boening.

Shane continued his hot play on the TV table while Corey played a solid set. Shane capitalized on a few key misses and jumped ahead at 9-6, before Corey closed the gap to two racks at  10 – 8. Corey’s late comeback came to an end with a scratch on the break, as Shane ran out the remaining balls and earned a hard fought victory capturing the 25th Swanee.

Griff’s etches the names of each years champion in a special plaque that has a picture of “Swanee”. This year, Shane Van Boening proved to have the biggest heart and dug the deepest to deliver a gritty win to become the 2021 “Swanee” Champion.

Griff’s had Simonis cloth and new Aramith Duramith Balls on every table. The tables played  perfectly straight and this event featured a special customized red Accu-rack produced by Outsville for this event.

Mosconi Stars Set For Group 1 Of Predator Championship League Pool

Members of Team Europe’s Mosconi Cup winning team, including MVP Jayson Shaw, will take part in Group One of Predator Championship League Pool, which launches on March 22 at Stadium MK, England, streamed around the world.

Shaw will be joined in Group One by European teammates Albin Ouschan, Eklent Kaci and Joshua Filler, while Team USA’s emerging young star Chris Robinson will also feature on the opening day of Predator Championship League Pool.

Group One will be completed by Dutch hero Niels Feijen and current World Women’s 9-Ball Champion Kelly Fisher. Fedor Gorst, Shane van Boening and Skyler Woodward have decided to withdraw from the event.

Predator Championship League Pool has a prize fund of $85,950 and will stream two tables of action live around the world, with 12 matches played on each table daily.

Every day features a seven-player group, with each player facing every other player once in a race-to-5. At the end of the group the top four will advance to the play-offs, playing a semi-final and then final, also played as race-to-5. Play-off champions will advance to the big-money Winners’ Group on March 29, which will provide the showpiece conclusion of Predator Championship League Pool.

Players who finished bottom of each group are eliminated from the event, while the remaining five players in each group will continue to the next day’s play, where two new players enter the tournament. Players to enter Groups 2-7 will be confirmed next week.

Predator Championship League Pool will be broadcast globally including on Freesport (UK & Ireland), DAZN and Matchroom.Live. Full broadcast details will be confirmed next week.

For all the latest news and announcements follow Matchroom Pool on FacebookTwitterYouTube and Instagram.

Stixx And Stones Billiards Welcomes New House Pro Chris Robinson

We are extremely honored and excited Mosconi cup team USA 2020 Chris Robinson Pool Player will be joining the Stixx and Stones Team as our partner and House Pro! Together we will continue to expand and grow our wonderful community. As part of our mission, we will teach and promote Junior players and host Events and Leagues – Providing opportunities to the community of junior players is something that is near and dear to both our hearts. Chris will be representing Stixx And Stones in championships & tournaments and will be taking on the role of our Official Instructor offering multiple levels of lessons, clinics and workshops.

Chris, rated #36 in US, is one of the strongest and fastest progressing pro pool players we’ve seen in a long time. His ever growing list of accomplishments includes multiple years winning the California State Junior 9 Ball Championship, Junior National Champion, Atlantic Cup player, Collegiate National Champion, Cole Dickson Memorial Champion, Mezz West State Tour Champion, Las Vegas 9 Ball Open top 5 and of course his inclusion in the 2020 Mosconi Cup team.

We have the same values and beliefs about the sport and our community — together as a team we share a common vision to “Make Pool Great Again”!

A true CHAMPION of the sport!

Please Follow Chris Robinson and show him the support he is showing us. Welcome to the Stixx Team Chris Robinson!